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  • Good evening, i have recently got my site up and running and have posted my first blog. You may view the site here.

    The problem is that when i click on my Blog page, the layout puts some arbitrary 3 column layout where i cannot change it to a 2 column or full width layout.

    It is very strange, as when i click on the blog article, it goes into a 2 column or full page layout, but the master blog page itself, continues to default to this strange 3 column page. I do not know where this is located and i do not know how to change it to look decent.

    here is what i am talking about.

    I have set the blog page to use the default template, but it does not seem to listen to me.

    I am very frustrated and do not know what to do at this point. I am fairly new to wordpress so i believe i have checked everything i can, but must be missing something.

    Anyones help is greatly appreciated.

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  • You mean you want you want 1 column for your page and 1 sidebar?

    You could try changing your theme. I am using Atahualpa theme and it allows up to 4 sidebars of different widths. What ever you set will show up on all your blog pages. Atahualpa is good as I did not have any such problems. You want all your pages to have exactly the same number of sidebars?

    But checking your blog it looks ok.

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