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  • Hey everyone,
    its been a while, but i have modified my site and theme. I was looking for comments/suggestions about what you think.


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  • The Your WordPress Section of the forum is where you need to post this in order to get your site reviewed. This section is for help using templates and themes.

    Just to help you and everyone else here, there is a new article on WordPress Site Reviews on the WordPress Codex, documenation site. This gives a good outline of what to expect from a review of your site here, and how to prepare to have your site reviewed. FYI.

    In all fairness if we expect people to post asking for feedback in the “Your WordPress” section of the forums shouldn’t those posts be viewable in the main list of posts on the front page (“Latest Discussions”)? Anything posted in there doesn’t show up – and if it doesn’t show up on the main page, you could be waiting a LONG time before someone gives you any feedback.

    NP, the decision was made, I believe, as it forced and shifted genuine support questions down at the bottom with replies to blog’s being announced.

    as for the “criteria” for reviews, it’s all a bit balls to me.

    I can see validation being one of the most immediate criticisms even if the site works well on all browsers, you MUST have your stinking validation sorted so that you can be part of the sesame street gang. Sure it’s nice, and all this about web standards…well as long as the ones alling for web standards actually practice it…

    No comments on content and just design? Isn’t it called “Your WordPress”? Doesn’t that encompass your content – why should design be a factor? There are sites better, and more competent at judging design aesthetics that are done at a professional level – do we really have to follow the sheep. Why be anal, when you can be a community member? I would say judge what you want how you want to within logical reason and courtesy. That’s a given.

    I know plenty of sites that don’t validate, but frankly look gorgeous on all browsers. I’ve seen sites that look teh backend of a bus, but their content is brilliant and keeps me coming back for more. The point is, most of the users here are everyday users – judge design by all means, but ignore content? That’s a mistake I think.

    No offence to Podz – his site validates and all, but it can be harsh visually, but bugger the looks – I enjoy reading his posts, it makes you think, it’s fun to read sometimes and it has a level of itnerest you could not discern from the “design looks”. Now let’s say we have a Podz Mk2 and this Podz makes a site, looks worse but is brilliant to read – design is great, but if the content sucks who the hell cares about the design?

    4. Review only presentation and use of WordPress. – Talk about taking the fun out of things…

    When you have over a page and half of “rules” on how you should review a site broken down into bits, then I think something has been lost and you’ve lost the fun of reviewing someone else’s sit. I think the fun factor is being pushed out.

    I can’t wait to see a grading system introduced, followed by “WP Sites that Don’t Follow Rules”. The joy, the joy.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Your WordPress”, like Jinsan says, has been removed from the front page because although people want to show off their site, other people are asking for help – and they have to come first. There have been periods recently when the front page has been more than 50% of that section.

    It was discussed at the irc meetup over two weeks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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