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  • I’ve been around the houses…started off on B2, went to WordPress, then to MT and now back to WordPress.
    My blog features almost no wonderful enhancements, it probably doesn’t even work properly in other browsers, but in IE it looks great and that’s what my mother uses 🙂 It’s been online now since August 2001 and contains quit a lot of posts I guess.
    Anyway, have a look, love it or hate it, it’s mine 🙂

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  • looks gr8! 🙂

    Oh no. Tables everywhere and not a li in sight.

    Why would anyone use WordPress if they don’t love the ul? 😉

    Site look great. Pay no attention to the people that don’t publish their sites… they’re probably CSS challenged moma’s boys.

    I like the site. Interesting read about the dude that swiped your entire page for his own site. I notice that the link is now dead. I guess he must have pulled the page.
    Thanks for sharing your site! It looks as though you’ve put a lot of work into it.
    Have fun!

    I like it. The only thing I’ve noticed is that in Firefox, the date and title of posts are not styled. Neither is “Monthly Archive”.
    Still looks fine, though. Good job.

    very slick! looks good!

    Cool site, don’t be so hard on yourself – it’s a very nice design. However, as someone else pointed out, the date doesn’t have any style under Firefox. Didn’t have a chance to check out why, but maybe I’ll look later.
    Oh yeah, and kudos for having such a long running blog!

    Hey guys thanks for your kind comments, I do realise that maybe i’m not the best html designer in the world and I do admit I find using tables quite easy, probably because I don’t really understand the other ways of creating the same layout that would look cool in every browser.
    I did check it out with firefox as I use that too and it does appear to render css differently, i’ll look into it I think.
    But yeah, thanks for your comments, maybe one day i’ll get it to validate, that’s if I don’t get hit by the bug which makes you change the format again, as you can see i’m on v5.2.

    I am going to have a default response to anyone who publishes a page and asks for feedback. I am going to say: Looks cool dude. That way every one will be satisfied. Web Standards? Forget it.

    ianforestm, my page had 200 errors. now it almost validates.
    just takes time! have fun while learning. that should be the main objective 🙂

    Ian, it looks good. It’s not too busy, the design is nice and clean. If you design predominantly for IE, you will have problems with Firefox visitors. That’s just how it is. With a little tweaking you can make just about everyone happy.
    I have had CSS beat into me by the wolverines at alt.html.critique, but you’d be amazed at the number of commercial sites that are professionally designed that still rely on tables for layout. So you aren’t in bad company. Habits like that don’t die overnight.
    Just keep enjoying it, learn as you go, and take all criticism, mine included, with a big fat grain of salt.
    And congrats for such a long-lived blog! Clearly, you are ahead of your time in some areas! ;->

    What does “design predominantly for IE” mean?

    Heheh, ahead of my time? Probably one of the l0ngest blogs going I should imagine as most of them that i’ve seen are often forgotten about after the first initial 3 weeks of mad blogging behaviour.
    I find tables much easier to work with…it’s an old habit I guess.
    Thanks for your kind words! Maybe my blog doesn’t suck so much after all!

    Not sure if you changed your style lately, but isn’t this a style you can download from the WP styles website?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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