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  • Hello, Im having a problem with my site. My Blog Name is repeated 3 times in RSS feed: MODE NODEMODE NODE I MODE NODE.. I looked for solution everywhere..
    After what I’ve contacted even my host, and that what were in the respond -(Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information available on the cause of this problem.

    This page [ ] is specific to blogs hosted on, and they say “ask the staff” without supplying an actual fix.

    This post to the WordPress forum [ ] received no response in eight months. However this does indicate that you are not the only one to experience this problem.

    What I would suggest is that you create a bug report with the WordPress developers [ ] and get their input on the problem. You may also want to create a second blog in a subdirectory and try to recreate the problem. )
    As Im not sure if this bug there because of WordPress, or because of my theme by WPshower, I would like to ask your opinions on it first.

    I really would like to make it as normal single title. And that issue was like that from beginning, straight after I installed my first blog theme, and I open to see RSS for my first time.
    Thank you for your time
    And pardon me for my english, its not my mother tongue language.

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