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  • I really dont like the text, make it smaller, and less “sticky outy” It’s too much of a contrast to read.It to me seems like on of those scary plain html sites from like the 1990’s.

    clean it up and it will look nice 😛

    I actually went through some more plugin’s today, trying to test them. If anyone has any other GOOD plugin sites im ready to hear them :P. Id like my theme style to be a calm scene but yet a good one. BTW I added a download seciton to my site, to clean your pc. And as always, run an antivirus before opening just incase 🙂

    Well, Im still looking for plugins for my website… just incase…

    Dang no good plugins ;(

    please, stop posting non-informative, useless comments. Otherwise I am going to delete them.

    I found the colour scheme very jarring. And colour schemes have nothing to do with plugins. If you want a high contrast, I’d suggest something like a black background and bright yellow text. It will make your blog stand out and be different from the other super-slick ones out there, and not be so hard on the eyes.

    Just my opinion of course.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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