My Blog is so slow. How to imporve the speed (3 posts)

  1. blogmatblog
    Posted 2 years ago #

    This is Saimon and my blog http://www.blogmat.net takes a long time to load.
    I used wp total catch but still have the same issue. Please tell me how can I improve my site speed?
    I want to achieve at least 95 out 100 speed score.


  2. According to Pingdom's report your site loads well for all of those 121 elements you are loading.

    On top of that you are using cloudflare so short of reducing the number of elements then I'm not sure what you would expect for your site...

  3. blogmatblog
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey Jan,
    According to Google PageSpeed Insights my site http://www.blogmat.net speed score is 87 for the desktop and 72 for the mobile version.
    My question is how can I improve my score? Can I get 95+ in the both version?

    Thank you

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