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  • Hi all, I’ve a problem with my wp. In the last months I used wp 2.9.2 without problems, the loading time of the blog was good. Some days ago I wanted to insert some sharing bottons, so first I updated my php to version 5 (without any problems), then I updated manually to wp 3.0.4. During that days my hosting service went down saying me they were upgrading some services and so on…when the site came back online I noticed that my wp version was again the 2.9.2…so I asked again to my hosting and they said they restored an old backup version they had…well, I upgraded again to 3.0.4 and after that the problems started, because now my blog takes too much time to load the page, and I think it could be a problem with the db or something similar because:
    – i deactivated plugins, one after one and trying every times, but it didn’t change anything
    – my blog is slow to reach page also in control panel, when I select and option and so on
    – I tried to change theme, using the default one, but that problem was still there
    – I tried to reach an html page on my web space withouth passing through the blog and the page load fast
    – I used db cache reloaded and autoptimize but nothing, cause I think the problem is to reach the page, because after the connection is estabilished the page load quite fast
    – I dind’t put any “sleep” comand in my php
    Can anyone help me please? I think my hosting service made some mess when they restore the old versione of my blog…but I don’t know. It seems like my browser is waiting for the “input” of the page to load…I tried different pc/browser but the problem is the same.
    Thank you a lot
    my blog is:

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  • I would recommend the w3 cache plugin. It works great. As far as load time, how. Many posts are on you web blog? What is your bandwidth? These are all things to consider, you may be filling up your hosting plan which can cause it to be slower.

    Do they have any copies of your previous db before it started acting up? Why are you choosing to manually upgrade it?

    I’m trying the plugin right now…I’ve not too much posts (100 more or less) and I did a backup of my db and the sql file is 6mb (not too much I guess).
    Can I try to export my posts and so on, delete the db and all the file on my site, create a new db and install wp again? (I haven’t too much things to set up, just 4 or 5 plugin)
    I upgrade manually cause I alwayd did so without any problems…I think this time something went wrong when my site gone down for some days…
    thanks a lot!

    The site seems to be loading fine for me now… load time may be due to the amount of bandwidth you’re using with all the photos.

    mmm I don’t understand why is getting so much to reach the page to me…all the images, also the background one and every image in posts, are linked to my space, so the bandwidth request to my host is small…can I try to delete and reinstall everything? could solve the problem?

    noone? please I’m getting crazy 🙂

    You waited approx 24 minutes before ‘bumping’ – please don’t do that, wait for 24 hours first.

    I can get to the site fine, it loads reasonably well. However a few of the facebook related scripts are slowing things down.

    Additionally you have a lot of validation errors, though they shouldn’t impact on the speed.

    Oh, sorry, it’s the first time I post in this forum. So it seems I’m the only one having the problem to reach the pages on my blog…

    Looks like!

    Loads fine here. About 5 seconds per uncached page. However, the comments section is stalling out. It won’t finish loading.

    Good luck.

    are you using “ajax comments” if so, use the native ajax…

    mmm, to be honest I used only the plugin facebook comments for wordpress, I deleted any links to comments.php, so I don’t know what do u mean with native ajax…So what’s could be the problem? maybe my host limited my ip address due to the high numbers of visit I did at the same time? (when I upgraded and installed the plugins). I also tried to change the mac address of my network card but it doesn’t work…always the same 6 or 7 seconds to reach the page (then just 3/4 seconds to load it all)…
    Thanks guys

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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