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  • Hi guys,

    I have been setting up this blog for a few days and it was really quick at loading, then all of a sudden , this morning it turned really slow! the blog is

    I didnt change any setting since yesterday when it was really pretty fast. I have a couple of active plugins lightbox2, redirectify and my page order. I have tried deactivating all of them and it made no difference.

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  • I have also run the pluginhog detector. It produces very weird results, the total load time every time is between 40.17 and 40.19 seconds. this is with all the plugings disabled. the .17 would seem to be the time it takes the page to load, so why does it wait 40 seconds every time?

    this is driving me mad, it was working so well before

    I have also tried reverting to the original theme from my current k2 theme with the exact same result. 40 seconds to load every page.!

    Whistlerdan I have bumped into the same problem today for unknown reasons. I made no changes at all to anything and my blog has been running without any trouble for months. Now it takes almost a minute to load anything and when I try to make a change in my admin it usually fails after loading for a long time, leaving me on a blank page. My installed plugins are:

    – Akismet
    – Google Analyticator
    – Wordbook
    – Stats
    – WordPress Automatic Upgrade

    But they don’t really seem to be the problem, like you I deactivated them and nothing changed.

    GoDaddy is my webhost. You? The site is

    GoDaddy is my webhost.

    This is probably your problem. GoDaddy is quite possibly the worst hosting company on the planet.

    nguindon, i tried your site and it loaded instantly! Is it still slow for you? I am not hosted with GoDaddy, in fact not with a large hosting company at all. I have e-mailed the host to see if he has any thoughts and I await his reply.

    Its just so strange that it happened over night without me changing anything….

    I’m happy to say that the problem seems to have gone away on it’s own. I posted an update, browsed around the admin section, turned some plugins on and off. It was either GoDaddy’s fault… or gremlins!

    Damn gremlins.

    P.S. I’ll probably be switching to Blue Host when my renewal comes up in December.

    you are very lucky! My host says that nothing is wrong and mine is still painfully slow.

    whistlerdan: Your website’s server is taking almost forever to even respond. It does look like a problem with your web host.

    thanks for the heads up iridiax. how did you test the response time?

    what is weird though is that if you just go straight to the front page of my website, it is super fast as always. its only the blog page that is slllloooooooowww.

    whistlerdan: I couldn’t get your blog to load the first time, it was just stuck waiting for…, so I gave up trying. If you have cPanel for your web hosting, check the server’s Service Status. Also check the error_log in your online blog directory to see if your site is generating any errors.

    These kind of slowdowns can happen with shared web hosting because the servers are oversold (too many sites on them) or some other site’s abnormally high traffic or malfunctioning scripts/queries on the shared server are reducing the server to a crawl.

    Thanks, i checked the server status and all is green with not much usage. I also checked the error log and nothing has been generated. I spoke with my host and he said he has no idea…. everything is fine as far as he could tell. i’m stumped!

    Got the same problem and it is NOT the host. I am running WP on dedicated box, which has 800MB free RAM and is using only 3% of CPU.

    I am having the same issue. No new settings, no new plugins, no traffic spike … site just started to crawl. Has been a few days now. If I try to download a static file, it goes very quickly but accessing any of the WordPress stuff just takes forever.

    I am having the same problem using WP 2.5. I host more then one site on the server and all the other pages come up quickly, then all the sudden my word press page started to load slow it will never fully load. Yet all my other websites come up quickly! Whats going on! is this some type of hack maybe?

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