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  • I have a WP blog hosted on it’s own domain which has been functional for 1 year. However, all of a sudden, the WP formatting seems to have just dissapeared and it’s just the plain text and graphics I see.

    I contacted the host and was told that a bunch of files had their permissions set to 777, but none of those have been modified. I have no idea what it could be.

    I’ve gone in and checked all the options are set correctly, and I’ve also tried to change the template but that doesn’t make a difference!

    Anyone got any suggestions? I’m stumped!


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  • Can you give your url? probably it’s about your css file.

    Sure, it’s



    No-one knows how I can fix this?

    It looks like WP isn’t calling your theme; there’s no header, footer, css or anything.

    I would check your themes are where they should be, and if so try applying a different one temporarily to see if it fixes things.

    Tried changing themes with no luck!

    Any ideas?

    There’s definitely something very odd going on. Doing a “view source” of your site shows some odd tags:

    <wordpresspost> and <wordpresscomment> which are not what I’d expect to see. There’s none of the normal header stuff, or any page structure at all. I know your host said no files had been changed, but it’s pretty clear that something has been mangled somewhere.

    At this point, I’d do the following:

    1. Take a backup of all the files currently on the server and your database
    2. Upload a fresh copy of WordPress. Start with 1.5.2, which you can get from here
    3. Make sure you have the correct wp-config.php file up there!
    4. Run upgrade.php ( if you were previously running an older version, otherwise go straight to
    5. Report back here to let us know if that made any difference

    Drastic solution I know, but what about backing everything up , deleting, then re-installing?

    Sorry – must’ve posted this just after LesBessant.

    Was gonna do this but thought someone here might have a less drastic solution. If not, how can I make this process as safe as possible, I really can’t afford to lose anything!


    Uh, any chance you have an index.html residing in your root directory, and any chance that happens to be your Blogger import file?

    EDIT: Nope, looks like you overwrote the index.php in your root dir. Try reuploading that index.php from the WordPress install.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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