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    Hello, I have a problem with my blog’s font being bolded on the main page in the sidebar as well as some entries near the bottom of the page. I did not do this when I wrote them nor was this a problem when I started the blog a couple weeks ago. It seems the problem just popped up on its own somehow. If I click on the individual post to open a new window with just my posts, my sidebar with “categories” and “archives” looks fine (not bolded). I noticed also that my font changes on its own as well. Some font is Arial as I want it and then others looked like some kind of Typewriter font. I do not like it at all. I had a friend look at it and she couldn’t figure out why it is doing it as it is not in my CSS sheets, etc. Seems to have something to do this WordPress somehow. I even tried re-uploaded a new sidebar and CSS Php file for my theme. The problem still persists. Can someone please help me straighten this font issue out? The bolding issue seems to be apparent in Firefox and the typewriter font issue is apparent in both Safari and IE.
    Please help!

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  • It might be, possibly that you are using MS Word to type your articles out, right? Or some form of program like that, which is a big no no, to do that.. Those programs tend to add extra code to what you’re writing out..

    It’s ok to spell check in it, but make sure you use something like NotePad2..

    To paste it in, before adding it to the blog.. =)


    Actually, I have only been using the internal wordpress editor (any known issues with this?). I have occasionally used the html button to include code, but that’s about it. Additionally, I have noticed a difference in the way my photos are displayed in both Firefox and Safari. Firefox shrinks the pictures to fit in the frame and Safari allows them to go outside the frame running into my sidebar.

    Try to view it in multiple browsers to see the font issue as well as the photo.

    Anyone know what’s going on and how I might resolve these issues.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    I encountered this very problem when I upgraded from 1.5.2 to 2.0 and the admin bar plugin was not totally compatible and caused the problem.Try checking your plugins.

    I just got started this wordpress blog a few weeks ago and used whatever came with 2.0. I didn’t even download or activate any plugins except for statcounter and I even tried disabling that to see if it was the problem. It wasn’t. I’m VERY frustrasted and was even contemplating going to moveable type but now I can’t even export my entries out. I tried dowloading a plugin and it won’t work. I tried both the 2.0 version and the updated version. Neither will work. Now I’m stuck with this dysfuncional blog and will lose everything if I reinstall a new version of wordpress. I tried switching themes and the “bolding and font” issues still persist. I also have pictures that I posted going outside of the designated frame in the browser Safari. If you click on my blog you will see people have left comments in regard to the way my blog is displaying on their computer/browser.
    I just don’t know what to do since I cannot fix the problems nor can I export. I’m so stuck and frustrated. Please someone HELP!!!!

    So is this issue resolved now? Just was wondering because it appears by this post here, that moshu helped you fix it.. =)


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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