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  • Hello everybody,

    I just launched my personal blog dedicated for webmasters. The reason? I have launched my website 6 months ago and was total newbie in search engines optimization, having some extra cash from website, etc. Now my website generates hundreds of dollars every month, gets very good traffic from search engines. It’s not very hard. And i just thought: why shouldn’t i to share my personal experience and help others?

    Even if blog is related to business, it’s not commercial. As you see, there aren’t any ads or advertisements, it means this post isn’t created to get some traffic only 😉

    And URL is

    I’d be very happy to hear your opinion (even if it is very negative or bad)

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It’s a default out-of-the-box install.

    Yes, it’s default install (almost). As i said, it’s not commercial website at all and i just didn’t want to spend money for making a new and uniquer design, etc. It’s just for information sharing 😉

    Who said anything about spending money for a new design ? 🙂

    Ok, what do you suggest? 🙂

    If your making a blog for websites realize that many web developers, such as myself, find out of the box installs pretty boring. How are we supposed to trust what you say when you haven’t even demonstrated your own abilities?

    Okay, buddy, I’m going to cut you some slack because quite evidently, English is your second language.

    Nevertheless, you’re holding out your site to be a resource for web masters. It’s a plain vanilla WP install. When you are pointed to ways to make that better by employing themes, you then scoff and say that you can’t trust anyone using a WP template because they haven’t demonstrated their own ability.

    How about turning that dazzlingly sharp business acumen on YOURSELF here. Exactly what have you demonstrated?

    The world waits. Breathlessly, I might add. {{rolls eyes}}

    Joni, Joni…
    English is not my first language either (only my forth one 😉 – but obviously I can read better than some people here. The OP and the “non-trusting” guy are two different persons, aren’t they?

    ManXP, its nice to see that you want to help others, but seriously, without wanting to hurt your feelings, the others comments here are spot on, you don’t even seem to be able to customise a template, and to be quite honest, you need to be around for a while and build up some sort of credibility before people take you seriously, or in my case start flaming you vicously 🙂

    My advice, work on your core blog, participate in and read other blogs on a similar subject, and really get to know your stuff before you set out on helping others.

    PS Why wouldn’t you want to bring in revenue to the site? its not evil you know, as long as you post an editorial policy and focus on content and not advertising, then you’ll be ok.

    Thank you all.

    Sorry, but i just thought it’s not needed to spend time by customizing WordPress, as i like it as it is. Really. And while i’d spend a time to customize it, i can do other things.

    Commercial blog – i don’t know about this… At the moment i don’t think about placing any advertisements here.

    By the way, my main commercial site is if you’d like to see it. It’s very highly customized and optimized – thousands of unique and very well index HTML pages, all the descriptions and keywords are generated automatically according to stories text, all the links (even forums) are in HTML format, etc.

    Maybe i’ll add some advertisements (got few requests), but… 🙂

    Well, if you wait long enough, your “out-of-the-box” look will be one of a kind as everyone else is customizing like crazy! 🙂

    I don’t think your intention was to be some know-it-all to tell people what to do or that you assumed to have some sort of authority. I took it that you’re just sharing experience which I think is a good thing.

    I don’t know if your intention is to cover other areas besides making money or some sort of profit and traffic and all those ambition+popularity things (not my cup of tea). But if there are other topics too on webauthoring/webmastering in general, I will be very interested (I can’t request anything, though).

    In my opinion, an ad-free zone is very refreshing.

    See, the problem is now ManXP is that in showing us your “other” blog I cant help but think that your failure to customise your new blog is nothing more than laziness, but at the end of the day the truth is that 90% of blogs never get more than a handful of viewers, so if you want to spend time posting on a generic blog template, go for it, as a friend use to say: baaaa to you to.

    Well, could i give you an example of other blog?


    Blog is created by Ugnius Kiguolis – CEO of E-Solutions company. His company runs a big number of websites (tens of thousands visitors for every site per day) and his blog is so simple…

    Some of the comments have been (probably a bit too) harsh because of the fact that the recent WP theme contest has brought up some many possible options (140 of them in fact!)

    At the end of the day however, it’s always going to be down to content. However, a little work on the design side will pay dividends and will help people look beyond the look to what’s underneath.

    And notice how he has ZERO comments =)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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