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  • Well… I think I got it runnig okay.

    placing towns in child categories under the states.

    using wp 1.2.2 The blog is the form mail I receive.

    I’ve been thinking about style-switcher plug-in, but now that 1.5 is out, I may wait on that and upgrade when I have the time to 1.5.

    Thanks for your input,
    chuckblue and Drive-In Jim, same person

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  • I would really appreciate some feedback.



    please ?

    I guess I like the colours. There hasn’t been much changed to the classic template as far as I can see. The font is a better choice, and the colours are more pleasent.

    Top right in FF 1.0 I noticed the sky blue bar at the bottom of the header is placed in the top right corner abo0ve the links – it doesn’t look good as it partly covers the Links heading. Try and make it more level or remove that top right bar completely.

    The first post seems fine, but after that, and again in FF 1.0 the content is too far to the left of my screen, with the text pretty much on the edge of the screen. You may want to shift it to the right.

    Do you have a lot of content? If not, it might be worth you upgrading to 1.5 – it offers many more useful options, and better support for designing themes. If possible, I’d recommend the upgrade.

    I have been trying to figure out how all posts but the first one slide over to the left like that. I use ff 1.0 as well.

    I have about 100 kilobytes worth of form mails in the blog so far, with about another 75 kilobytes to add. Thats with headers, .sigs, etc. removed.

    I was going to go with the style switcher plug-in for 1.2, but I may backup my database and install 1.5

    I used Irfanview to change some of the pics to a lighter blue.

    I doubt I’ll have time this week to do much to it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    hey chuck, interesting problem with that first post…i’m checkin the code but it’s not jumping right out at me yet. perhaps I need more coffee.

    1.5 is really nice, there is still a lot of new features I have yet to utilize but it’s already made things much more comfortable for me. I had been using 1.2 for over a year now.

    anyhow, tech wise almost everything seems to be working that I can tell (except the weird indent on the first post); design wise it would be nice to see some more personal touches on there. But sometimes that doesn’t matter. I like to take the template…delete EVERYTHING and start over hehe. that way i’m forced to do my own thing.

    I have been thinking about changing some things around… but really haven’t had the time.

    On the main part of the site, I have a pic I did it in povray of a drive-in movie theatre. I’m not all that great in povray, but I like the result. Its the pic going down the left side of the screen at:

    As for the first post indenting, I would rather they all indented… I dislike the lack of a left margin on the rest of the posts.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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