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  • Hi everyone, I am freaking out right now. My blog and all the posts have vanished. Does anyone know why this could have happened?

    I put so much freaking time in this its not even funny. Could it have been hacked or does someone think its a WordPress problem?

    Please any suggestions. I don’t know what to do. My blog is here:

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  • Can you log in to FTP or ssh and see your files?

    If so, can you check your database and see the posts in there?

    Hey, I contacted HostGator and they fixed it so now I feel like I can sleep.

    I asked them why it may have happened and they told me “they were running updates all day so that might be the reason”. They still aren’t sure.

    Anyone else have HostGator and WordPress? If so, did you have a problem or not?


    i got the same problem and contacted hostgator. they fixed it within a few minutes.

    udaysree, cool. I feel comfortable that it wasn’t just me and wasn’t a hacker.

    Yes, they fixed it right away for me. Just use their “Start a Chat” here:

    By the way, did you freak out when you saw the problem?


    I had the exact same problem when I checked my blog. I was very sure that it was a hack attack, however while checking the database via phpmyadmin, i noticed that the wp_posts table crashed.

    So all i did was repair that table, and it seems to be working fine

    of course, ericrw, who would not be scared. all that work we bloggers put into it… though i always back up but restoring would have meant a lot of work. glad hostgator could fix it…! no, i did not freak out, i meditate… 🙂

    Okay, this does appear to be a widespread issue with HostGator. They were doing upgrades.

    If your HostGator Blog disappeared, contact them ASAP! They know how to fix it!

    HarTechSoft, yeah they told me the same thing about the table.

    Udaysree, yeah, ur right meditation sounds like a good solution. A lot of time was put into mine. Seriously, I freaked out so much that I though my hair was going to fall out lol

    Here are directions, with pictures, on how you can fix it yourself.

    Help, My Blog Posts Have Disappeared!

    I’d still complain to HostGator though. Bad upgrade! No cookies!

    Ipstenu, awesome. Thanks for the resource. I am going to bookmark this for the future!


    I decided to blog about this also here:

    That way I can keep all the stuff I learned documented in one spot.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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