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  • I really like the possibility to work with the WordPress Media files – this makes this plugin stand apart from the other ones here – and I appreciate the styles editor which lets you modify the CSS used (changing the position, images, colors etc. of slideshow UI) so there is no need to insert custom styles to your current theme or elsewhere breaking either the reusability of the plugin appearance in different themes or losing the possibility to upgrade. The features to modify the behavior and navigation between slides come handy too.

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Thanks for your rating, Adam!

    What kind of color customization options do you have in mind?

    As for controlling the positioning of images from the admin screen, this will probably become more advanced with the release of version 2.4.0. A release date for this version is not yet in sight though.

    Sorry, I have just not noticed the styles editor 🙂 where you can do all this customization. I prefer this approach to an restricted set of options in admin screen to set specific CSS values of specific UI parts, which many other plugins use.

    [I have edited the original comment.]

    1. Now, I would consider introduction of a textfield for custom JavaScript to tune the behavior of a custom theme even more, or maybe a new concept of themes which could be exported and imported, although, this is not probably the #1 priority and it would require a lot of effort.
    2. Also, I am missing the possiblity to set a fixed width of the slideshow and let the height be determined automatically (and maybe limited by max height). That is to indroduce an option to invert the current behavior.
    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    No problem. 🙂

    I have thought about introducing themes and JavaScript extensions indeed. These features will have to wait until after at least version 2.4.0, as there are still a lot of back-end improvements to be done. For instance, the settings fields will soon be replaced by ‘Settings profiles’. This will look much like the ‘Custom styles’, so you can edit multiple slideshow’s settings at once. It will later allow a user to import settings. This is just the far future of course (months).

    The problem with height is that it can’t automatically grow. If you let a block-level element choose its own width, it will be as wide as possible. However, if you let a block-level element choose its own height, it will remain 0 pixels tall until it’s made taller by its content. That’s why it’s easier to let the height be determined by the width (With the ‘Shrink height if width shrinks’ setting), or setting a fixed height.

    A changing height also has the disadvantage of moving the content below it. This could become pretty annoying to the reader. (If you’re basing the slideshow’s height on the height of its images.)

    Good to hear that :-). Meanwhile, I have some more observations:

    1. There is a bug causing that the visibility of the “Enable responsiveness” option is triggered by changing the “Show title and description” option. However, if you don’t want the title and description to show and want the responsiveness option to be enabled, you can workaround that by triggering the option to show, setting it to “Yes” and triggering it back to hide.
    2. In the Czech translation, the “Shrink slideshow’s height when width shrinks” option has by mistake the same translation as the “Enable responsiveness (Shrink slideshow’s width when page’s width shrinks)” option. “Shrink slideshow’s height when width shrinks” should be translated as “Smrsknout výšku prezentace, pokud se smrskne její šířka”. There are some more small spelling and option behavior description inaccuracies in the Czech translation.
    3. Ad 2) from my previous post: I have expressed that inaccurately based on misunderstanding of the slideshow behavior. I would be glad to have an option to set a fixed width of the slideshow which would also be the width of all the slides (e.g. images) and let the height of the slides be automatically determined according to their ratio and the height of the slideshow itself be the static height of the tallest slide (therefore the content below will not move when changing the slides). So the behavior which I describe is not the inversion of the current behavior because now the slideshow width is stretched to 100% of the parent element (provided the “Maximum width” option is set to “0”) and not determined according to the dimensions of the slideshow content, which somebody might find useful too.

    By the way, you can also make the height automatically grow by setting height: 100%. The difference is that with block elements width: auto behaves as width: 100% while height: auto sets the height of an element according to its content.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Thanks for reporting the bug and the translation error! I’ve replaced the wrongly translated text with the correct one and I’ll see if I can fix the settings bug in the next release of the slideshow.

    If you’d like to get all translation inaccuracies out of the Czech translation, you cou could look up the Czech translation file in the ‘languages’ folder of the plugin. You can edit the ‘slideshow-plugin-cs_CZ.po’ translation file with a get-text editor like PoEdit. It would be wonderful if you could send the improved Czech translation to

    Determining the height based on the height of the tallest slide would be a good idea. I’ll see when I can fit this option. This would probably be some time after version 2.3.0 is released.

    Ok, I will let you know if I manage to find some time for translation corrections.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Great, thanks!

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