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    I want to put “My Balance” on page (not in the sidebar).

    Iám using “widget shortcode” plugin to get the code from “My Balance” and can put it on the page, but the text goes outside the page content.

    Help with another shortcode or code to insert “My Balance” on page, or some code I can us in the widget area before “%entry% <span class=”creds”>%cred_f%</span>” to make it fit?

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Have you tried the mycred_my_balance shortcode? It can be used in pages and posts to show the current users points balance.

    If you on the other hand want to show what is shown via the widget on a page, then maybe you should look at a plugin that allows you to insert widgets into pages.

    OK, Iám using mycred_my_balance sortcode now and it works well, but the History not showing on the page. Can you input that to the shortcode?

    EDIT: Found it on your site, [mycred_history user_id=”” number=”” time=”” show_user=”” login=”” ref=”” order=””]. But when I click on links it does´nt registrate on the history page?

    It only showing: No log entries found

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    The mycred_my_balance will only show your balance. If you want to show a users history, you can use the mycred_history shortcode.

    I am not sure what you mean with “clicking on links”. What are you clicking on in these shortcodes?

    I visited your site and after a while I get what i wanted:D

    Everything was great explained on your site, so sorry for being stupid and letting you answer my stupid question that alredy is explained on your site!

    I will be more careful with my questions in the feature;)

    Regards: xiao_coffe

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    No worries. Sometimes we stare ourselves blind for what is right in front of us. I do that all the time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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