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  • Daris_Fox


    First major issue I’d suggest doing is choose a better font colour. Light blue on white is going cause eye strain even if they can read the text.

    Search button needs more customisation to fit into the theme. All I get is a grey box.

    Use a contact form (such as Fast and Secure) to reduce Spam hitting your e-mail address.

    The theme has an issue that I’ve come across many times and it’s why I’m doing my own custom theme to address this for my own work. When you click on an image you’re presented with the thumbnail and the full size image, which is both wasteful of resources and pointless.

    Floating forward/back navigation is obscured by the image, which is confusing to some people.Plus it’s a duplication of existing navigation at the bottom (which breaks the alignment of your layout).

    The theme doesn’t validate with W3C, probably a missing closing tag in the header.

    Some interesting photographs to view and thanks for sharing them.



    Thank you for your feedback.

    1. (color) I will change it
    2. (search button) I am not sure what you mean a grey box?
    3. (contact form) will def try this!!
    4. (theme issue) yes! that bothers me, but i do not know how to fix it… i tried to get rid of the “custom fields” in the post, but they seem to be very stubborn and they keep coming back after i delete them..
    5. (floating forward/back) not sure how to fix this..
    6. (W3C) i do not know what you mean by that 🙁

    thanks again



    wow, your photos are beautiful! i do agree about changing the font color though.



    thank you I changed the color!



    The floating navigation is probably an option for this theme, I’ve not used it so I’m guessing here. It’s because your image is wider than the the navigation is set up for. It might be the best option would be to disable it.

    The buttons need a bit of CSS styling, when you look at any input box on the site such as comments and search there’s no styling applied.

    The W3C referred to is the web standards that browsers are supposed to comply to, figuring out where the tag is coming from could be tricky but if you have any plug-ins then that’s usually a good place to start.

    Are you using featured image by chance for the theme? If so that could be a reason for the second image. Alternatively tried adding some text content. That might clear the second image.



    I am not using a featured image…

    i tried to delete the custom field because thats where i think the second image (bigger image) is coming from, but it wont delete. it always comes back after i delete it!



    Unfortunately since I don’t use this theme you’ll probably need to contact the author for advice.

    There is documentation on theme homepage (PDF) which you can download and also the contact e-mail for the author (very, very small letters at the bottom of the page).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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