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  • Hey guys. When i log into my wp-admin the format is all screwy. The background is white and each “tool” is written in blue.

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    New install? Re-upload WP files and folders. Looks like you’re missing a few files and folders, or it could be that your WP is hosted on slooowww server.

    i had a similar problem but…it’s not because i am missing files. i think i changed the blog home page to something incorrect trying to make a custom thing and then forgot to change it back to default. now i cannot get into my admin panel and make the correction. what should i do? i need to be able to get onto my site asap!!!!

    and all this because what i was really trying to do was to be able to upload images on the site. and have no idea where i am supposed to place my .htaccess file or whatever it is that i am supposed to do in order to change permissions so that i can upload images. HELP!!!!!!!

    This is what shows up and is a mistake on my part when i try to click on anything other than the home page:


    i have to be able to get back into my admin panel but obviously cannot! what should i do? i am not a web programming whiz that i know how to get into any particular file and work my magic to get in. i need help!

    thanks in advance to whomever can help me with this. i need my site to be up and running!

    Check out Changing_The_Site_URL. You need to fix those URL settings.

    thanks chris! that’s basically what i did. i had switched it to custom settings however i didn’t have a corresponding .htaccess file with necessary changes. so what i finally did for lack of a better way – i went into one of my emails for moderating comments and enterd the admin panel that way. however, what i first had to do was reinstall my old wordpress folder, delete what i no longer needed or wanted because i was upgrading to 2.7.1 from 2.6.1, and then re-downloaded 2.7.1 (apparently the one i had used previously and a number of times already probably became a bit corrupt) and re-installed it. then i went back into the admin panel and set everything in terms of the root directory of my site and wordpress directory back to default settings. and everything now works just fine! so a word of advice to those who are not programming geniuses but are pretty saavy. keep a couple of emails from your comment moderations so that you have a way of getting back in if you face a glitch like this! when you know what is happening, it is actually a quite simple process! wordpress is really good that way!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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