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  • Jennifer



    My site was – this is how I registered it both with wordpress & with Site Ground.

    Anyway, I think it may be because I enabled Cloudhost which mentioned it needed to use www. to work & after that the site crashed, was a complete nightmare & ended up having to restore to a previous backup.

    I didn’t even think of the cloudhost thing until today (Site Ground told me it was my theme causing the error or SEO plugin) when I noticed that under General Settings my site was now and this was preventing commentluv from working.

    The novice that I am tried to change the address back to http://thepopcorngirls when my site crashed again, obviously. I don’t know how I fixed it but I did (go me). Think it had something to do with changing the site & home in myPHPadmin to http://www.thepopcorngirls.

    So. It’s back working & I’m happy enough with that BUT my site is still showing as http// in my cPanel and on siteground & was wondering if
    a) it will cause any repercussions long-term and
    b) if I change the domain to www. will it cause a whole new crash?

    I’m seriously new to this & my head is spinning so I’d be grateful for any help I can get 🙂

    Thanks x

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