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    The error notification for both registration and login form do not show up. Test with faulty password matching and etc. Instead of throwing error messages on the screen, it just redirect to its original state/page. Anyone getting the error notification working for the My-Account section?

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  • Help please. woocommerce-error HTML content isn’t appended when entering faulty inputs for only the Login/Register forms on My-Account. This is the only page that doesn’t get the woocommerce-error append. Everywhere else is fine.

    <ul class="woocommerce-error"><li>Enter a username or e-mail address.</li></ul>

    Have you compared the WooCommerce templates for My Account aspects to the same templates in your theme? Or does your theme rely on WooCommerce for those?

    It is relying on WooCommerce for these. My-Account and it’s sub pages uses woocommerce shortcode within page. Strange, however /my-account/lost-password/ has error notification but other sub pages do not (my-account, change-password, etc).

    I tried to see if my theme is taking over woocommerce’s templates by using twentytwelve as the main theme. Still no error message show up when erroneous inputs are entered. All the woocommerce woothemes seem to have errors show up prior to login into my-account.

    A plugin called “Simple-Facebook Connect” was causing the notification to not show up. I am guessing any plugin that tweaks with how users/admins login into wp-admin may tweak the woocommerce login/register functionality.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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