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  • Micah Wood



    On a single event page, there are some links that allow users to manage that event: ‘Home’, ‘Activity’, ‘Edit’, ‘Forum’, ‘Who is Attending’ and ‘Send Invites’.

    I have BuddyPress and EventPress installed, and when I go to a user’s profile and click on the ‘Events’ tab, the links shown on the single event page appear. These links don’t make sense here because no individual event is selected. In addition, the URL is pulling the latest blog post for some reason. Not only do these links appear here, but when on someone’s event section of the profile page (and only on these pages), the links in the admin bar change to match those of the single event page. Normally, the admin bar shows ‘My Events’ and ‘Invites’, which is correct.

    I corrected the links on the events tab for the user profiles by coding the correct links into the type.php file that I copied into my theme. The admin bar options are still incorrect. I noticed that the $bp global variable contained the menu arrays, but wasn’t sure where or how to to best alter this. It seems to me that you rewrote the event section of the bp_nav_options array to work for the single events pages, and those changes are being improperly carried out on the user profile events pages.

    Another issue, the list of events on the events tab for any given user profile was only showing the static front page as an ‘event’. I checked the query variables and the query was just requesting the id of this page.

    I fixed this issue by running query_posts() in the type-loop.php file (that I copied to my theme) to fetch the published events for the displayed user.

    I wanted to be sure and bring these things to your attention since these seemed to be some rather obvious bugs.

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  • Plugin Author kunalb


    Woodent—I get the feeling this is happening because you ‘obliterated’ the query—the filter I had referred you to. That query is used in a lot of places including single page events, etc.—if you just removed that query I’d suggest checking the current component and action in buddypress and only then cancelling the query thru the filter.

    Micah Wood


    Actually, on removing the filter that I had applied, these issues still persist. I did go ahead and add a check for the current component and action as per your recommendation.

    I don’t believe I have made any other changes that would cause these issues. That was the only hook I used to change the functionality of BuddyPress Custom Posts or EventPress. I did copy over files into my theme, but any changes to those wouldn’t have impacted the $bp global variable.

    I have another testing site that I installed the plugin on and it seems to work properly. I was able to correct the problem on the main site by using some BuddyPress functions, but couldn’t figure out why it was showing the single page options on the profile events pages.

    Plugin Author kunalb


    Hm. Strange—perhaps something could be interfering on the main site. Can’t say, tbh.

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