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  • The Ceej,

    Wait, What? Gravatar is separate from WordPress. If you need to log in you will need to set up a separate account. If your user name is taken it most likely means that someone else is currently using that name.

    This is my understanding just to be clear:
    1. You have set up the Gravatar code to work with WordPress
    2. You are trying to log into with your WP login
    3. You can’t because your user name is taken on

    Is this correct?

    Not quite. Gravatar is not separate from WordPress. See right on Gravatar’s website:

    “Gravatar works seamlessly with your account. Just log in with your username and password. Happy blogging!”
    “Did you know that every account is also a account? If you can log into then you can also log in, here, using that same information!”

    I can’t sign into Gravatar OR WordPress with my WordPress account. I can sign into MY WordPress CPanel, but not the WordPress website. I also can’t create an account on WordPress because my account already exists. I just need it globalised so I can sign into it everywhere I can sign into WordPress.

    I can sign in here:
    But not here:
    Or here:

    All of which claim to use the same username and password.

    Also, I can’t recreate the account because it already exists, so that’s out. What can I do?

    Post in here instead anyways.

    What’s the difference?

    Wait. It doesn’t matter what the difference is because that requires I sign in with the account that doesn’t exist and does exist at the same time. In order to post it there, I need this issue solved first. If this issue is solved, I don’t have to post it there. See how that works?

    Your advice was like that of the tech support rep who once told me if I was having problems getting on-line, I needed to go to their website, or the webmaster who said if somebody wasn’t receiving my Email, I should have them send me the error message they were getting. That’s pretty helpful advice. And, I’m going to ask you to ring me up so I can give you my phone number.

    I have taken the liberty of taking some screenshots to show you what I’m talking about because, apparently I’m not making myself clear. But, I don’t know how much clearer I can be without pictures. This is my profile in my CPanel which proves the account I’m attempting to globalise is my own:

    And, this one is what happens when I try to sign into WordPress in a manner other than my CPanel, which suggests that my account doesn’t exist:

    Of course, when I try to create the account, it says it already exists, but not when I try to sign into it.

    EDIT: What? Image code disabled too? Then click on the links.

    The Ceej,

    That was new to me. Thought it does say “.com” account which is different from “.org” ( a self hosted account ) this may be what is causing the problem.

    I have no idea what you just said, but I’m on the phone with my webmaster now. Let’s see if he thinks you know what you’re talking about.

    If there is corruption in your account then support will have to fix it. I would send a message to them using their support form they provide as last resort to Documentation and Forums. I wouldnt be surprised if there was corruption because of the space in user name.

    Simply put, username doesn’t exist on WordPress when I try to sign in, but it does exist when I try to sign up.

    Unless it’s my own damn CPanel. Then it works just fine. Is that simple enough for you guys?

    The Ceej,

    Basically did you go here to get a free blog from WordPress or not? If you did then yes the Gravatar site will have your login and password ready for you, if not the site is self hosted and you will need to simply create an account with Gravatar.

    I created a fake WordPress account just so I could bring this to their attention, Darrell, but as you see, they were equally unhelpful, pretty much demanding I reiterate everything I said despite the fact I linked to it:

    My webmaster is looking into it, and I expect he’ll have his answer within the week, but I expect nobody here nor at that other forum, will ever say anything of any sort of merit. I wish they would prove me wrong, though.

    My webmaster set it up for me, Doc. He installed it in my blog’s directory on our own server. He gave me my username and password, which works fine for me there. I don’t know what he did. That’s why I have him.

    Have you tried running a forgotten password request using the email instead?

    Tried typing in your email here?:

    Yes, but it says the that an account is not associated with the Email address. However, originally, my webmaster typed in my Email with a typo. I can’t recall the typo, but I have since fixed it. I don’t imagine knowing what it was before I corrected the typo might help.

    I would email support:

    support @ gravatar . com



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