• Been using this plugin since 2015. The last good version in my opinion was 4.7.1. I stayed on that version until just recently because it worked perfect. However, it needed to be updated to keep up with WordPress security updates.

    I’m now using QSM version 7.3.1 – it’s got lots of problems in my opinion (email formatting, category scores, compatibility issues with addon plugins, to name a few). I had to recreate quizzes from scratch because the quizzes in 4.7.1 couldn’t be edited in version 7.3.1 without major problems. Since about 2017 the plugin has been under new ownership and version 7 is completely revamped with lots of code rewritten from scratch. It seems like for every new capability they added they broke another. The addon plugins that was purchased with pre version 7.x no longer work with version 7.x; you will need to repurchase them. The variable template addon doesn’t work correctly as of this date, but QSM has informed that they are escalating to correct the issue.

    I will admit that this new version has a very nice looking results page compared to version 4.7.1 and the results page does work well with the addon plugin variable template that I had to buy again for version 7.x, not email though) – so not all gloom and doom.

    The old version under past management I would rate as 5 stars – both capability and support.

    As someone going from an older version that had previously purchased QSM addon plugins to version 7.3.1 I am rating the plugin as 3 stars. If I were just starting from version 7.3.1 I would rate as (3.5 stars with addon plugins/ 4.5 stars if no addon plugins needed) because it still has too many bugs.

    I’d give it 5 starts if it didn’t have lots of bugs due to so much code rewritten from scratch that breaks addon plugins; that and if I didn’t feel like I was a beta tester for every release. My advise…once you find a version that works well for you do not update every release.

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  • Yes…i agree with you,, in this new version, the category score is not working well,,

    Hi Mike,

    As you said that you updated the plugin from version 4 to 7. Its always risky to update with such a huge difference. A lot has changed in the QSM itself from version 4 to 7. We have added a lot many features as per our users requests. Especially the version 7, which was completely revamped to accommodate new features for which we also had to write many pieces of the code from scratch and it also took months of effort by our team. And for this we also had to make the addons compatible with the new version 7.

    We received your request that the %QUESTION_ANSWER_INCORRECT% variable is not working in the emails. Actually last year, we made the variable customizable. Most of the users did not the want “Comments Entered” section when using this variable. They can customize the content of %QUESTION_ANSWER% variable using Text tab but cannot customize the variables %QUESTION_ANSWER_INCORRECT% or %QUESTION_ANSWER_CORRECT% for the Results Page and for the emails. And as they were paying for a premium addon it totally makes sense.

    So, we added the functionality that when user customize the variable %QUESTION_ANSWER% text using Text tab, the variables %QUESTION_ANSWER_INCORRECT% and %QUESTION_ANSWER_CORRECT% reflect these changes on the Results page. And if user customize the variable %QUESTION_ANSWER_EMAIL% text using Text tab, the variables %QUESTION_ANSWER_INCORRECT% and %QUESTION_ANSWER_CORRECT% reflect these changes on the Emails.

    But, recently the feature stopped working in the emails which was first reported by you. So, I escalated this issue to our development team as I was able to replicate the issue at my staging. Our team is already working on this issue. And hopefully we will provide a fix for this issue very soon. I will keep you posted whenever this issue will be fixed in the plugin.

    Similarly, the old QSM Export-import addon will not work with the version 7.x of the QSM plugin. The latest version of the QSM Export-import plugin only works with the 7.x version of the QSM. I hope you understand the compatibility issue here.

    We are always here for our customers. Let me know how can we further assist you here.


    Hi @nipwarrior,

    Our team is working on to fix the category score issue and it will be fixed in the next plugin update.

    Kind regards,

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