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  • Hah! That’s great. I like Mar 26. Seriously, I enjoyed the horizontal layout.

    WTF :|. lmfao. Thats so weird.

    Ha! Exactly the responses I was looking for.

    I’m really open for new thoughts, layouts, design issues. But horizontal scrolling? That long way? No. Thats good for demonstration purposes or something like that, but not for everyday reading. Sorry.

    That is cool! Very Creative


    I don’t know if Jowra took a look at your site, because I had the same thoughts as him before I clicked your link. I generally cannot stand horizontal scrolling, but because of the type of content you have, it works perfectly. In fact, I think it works better than a vertical scroll would. I love the layout and the site.

    I agree with Jedyt, it looks good, because it’s like a side scrolling gallery rather than a bunch of gay posts, like my blog has 🙁

    ahem, I LOVE that little kitten, it’s very sweet.

    In IE (at least here at work), the second “L” in your last name gets halfway cut off the screen. It could be viewed as artsy, but just making sure thats what you were going for.

    Nice job dude!

    Awesome layout! The horizontal works great for the type of content (January 7th is my favorite).

    Wow! I never expected such a positive reaction. Thanks, guys. When I saw that jowra wrote “not for everyday reading,” I figured he didn’t really understand what I was going for. The second L in my name was supposed to be cut off, but I understand how it could be seen as unintentional.

    For that content, it works quite well. Love the Jan 18th. 😉

    haha this site is too good! keep updating it!!

    “When I saw that jowra wrote “not for everyday reading,” I figured he didn’t really understand what I was going for.” tcamp

    That may be. 😉 You mean, this is more like a gallery than a daily logbook. But again, if there are 20 or 30 entries in the future you must lock your finger on the mousebutton and scroll all the way to the right and thats not a comfortable website-exploring. Anyway… thats only my opinion and the feedback shows, that you’ve build a good theme. 🙂

    Keep up the work and your enthusiasm.


    I like it too but jowra is right in that it will get too big to be comfortable. maybe limit it to so many pages or just the past month(s) It looks like an actual desk top calander which is cool. One option would be to format it with the date and the message on one page. That would allow for more pages in less space. But what I’d like to see is the date page have a little note or showing the first/latest comment. Can that be done? (sorry, I’m just starting to learn this)

    Right now I’m limiting the index page to 7 posts. When there’s more than 7 posts, a button to show the previous 7 will be visible. I’m trying to avoid any kind of archive functionality because I just want to showcase the latest sketch/clipping/etc. I imagine I’ll be forced to at least add a search bar.

    I’m sure you can showcase the latest comment, and someone has probably already discussed it in the forum somewhere.

    The one thing I am disappointed with is that scrolling doesn’t work w/ the keyboard arrow keys or with the middle mouse button auto scroll, which certainly lends validity to jowra’s critique.

    Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions!

    I severly dislike horiz scroll sites…. it’s unnatural…. except for this one. This is probabl the FIRST site I have come across that had intentional horiz scrolling that has sucessfully pulled it off! Bravo!

    It’s a nice, simple, fun site.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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