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  • I was gone for a while and when I got home, my website would not open. At first I thought it was the database (MySQL) was cut off, but that seems to be OK. I checked my server and they siad that everything was OK at their end. So here is the problem:

    Every time I try to open the page I get a message (Firefox) that says, file is a application/x-httpd-php file, “down load” it or “open with.” Then I tell it to open the index.php file….

    Well……… this is what I get each time I try and open it:

    (try #10) 3c86c471 Starting…..
    (try #9) o59ekdn3 Starting….
    (try #8) kc0at0d9 Starting….

    But the file never opens and these are the messages that I get.

    I just tried to replece some of the 1.5 files and, of course, I backed up my database, but I cannot fix it. What should I do? Erase everything start from scratch or is their a problem with one of my files that can fixed. I was also kicking around that idea that one of of those evel SPAMERS got in their mess everything up….. have a look and see you thinks. Any help would be most welcomed… thanks

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  • Sounds nasty Thomasso but then I went to have a look at the gory scene and all I could see was this…

    They may not be the roses that the “old saying� mentions, but for the time of year, they are close enough. I took some time to “smell them,� so to speak. They are out in full force covering every garden patch, field and ditch along the country side. They are the one true indicator that spring, the warmer weather and good times to come are around the corner. I needed the break with finals in the next couple of weeks. This could be my last time until mid April that I have this opportunity to do this. The walk around the park and down to the river was nice and relaxing. Hardly a soul around with the long weekend winding down. What a great day so far. smiling

    Looks fine from here as well.

    Realy…… Then it must be my browser? That is so weird. Ho Boy, I guess I better start looking on my machine to see if the problem is here.

    Thanks for your help guys!


    OK, I found one of the problems: it appears that FireFox doesn’t like my PHP files on my website. Everyone esle’s I look at are just fine, just my own seem to be effected. The website is OK, WORDPRESS 1.5 is OK, Just my version of FireFox seesm to be wierd! I ussed another browser that I have that is LINUX based : it works fine! So, I wonder if anyone else has had a problems with FIRFOX 1.0.2 in the last while?



    Try clearing your cache (in Firefox). For some reason I think that might fix your problem (but equally, it might not).


    FF is such a piece of crap. I have no idea how so many people got duped into using it. Do youself a favour and delete it from your computer.

    Oh For Petes sakes! rwatkins, that was it! I should of figured that one out along time ago! Thanks———clearing the cache did the trick. Yikes, all that trouble shooting and messing around, gerrrrrrr. for nothing!!!!

    I’m going out for a soda!

    Thanks rwatkins and everythone else for your help! I guess April Fools day was a little late for me this year *slap on head*


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