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  • I am currently using the mx4_theme by kubrick and would like to change the heading image as well as remove where it automatically displays the name of my page in the header. How can I go about doin this?

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  • Wow! No reply.
    1. Remove image totally? Or change it to something different?
    – the best procedure I would do is by using the theme’s header’s image size and dimension and fill in anthing you want and save it as the same file name.

    2. Remove the display in the header.
    – login into your admin on your wp blog.
    – goto Options and remove them in the box:
    – weblogtitle
    – tagline

    Good luck.

    thanks, that worked perfect!

    you can create an image and rename it and upload it to themes directory. it would be something like this: yourwordpressdirectory/themes/mx4_theme/images/kubrickheader.jpg

    as for the second part, i would not do what xtool suggests, because this will mess things up if you use the Blogs of the Day plugin. it relies on that title for linking purposes. According to binarybonsai, which mx4 is based of kubric, “The best way of doing this, is to open wp-layout.css. Find the first entries you can find for ‘H1’ and ‘.description’. Now add ‘display: none;’ to the values in there.”

    I can’t find where the “wp-layout.css” is. Is it located in a certain folder?

    in mx4 its just titled style.css

    Thank you so much, I got it working!

    no prob. i also use mx4 at

    how can i remove the borders in smileys in mx4?

    that is in the css as well. if you do remove the borders for smileys, the borders on all post images will be removed as well. i don’t have mx4 anymore, otherwise i’d look.

    my mx4 theme & header:

    Happy holidays 😛

    I dunno who owns the following site, but i would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t use my header. Thanks…

    I figured they got it from this post.

    From reading the post, saying happy holidays, may be construed that you are offering it up…not saying, just saying…

    No, if i offered it up, i would say it. Im saying happy holidays because of the effect it gives.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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