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  • Hi guys and girls, trying to alter a Modif Kubrick header.
    Is there any Tutorial or something that describes just what controls what.
    Im changing pixels here and there and resizing but cant see whats what.
    Its a pixel nightmare. In IE its ok in FF is clipping the lower area of the header – damn Firefox, tis good but picky – i want my IE.
    Ive added a menu har to header and want to resize etc the various parts of the header to make it fit.
    My recent and poor efforts here at the test site :
    Thanks for any thoughts

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  • Ok guys – Im making some progress by wading tho tuts, posts and so but in Firefox its still a bit wonky. wheres this damn blue stuff at the bottom of my image coming from ? is it the image or a bgcolr in the css ???
    Hints please ? – css is a bit new for me – im a tables guy 🙂

    Ok another chip of the block – the blue image under mine was somehow coming from the deafult folder and theme on my themes directory 😛
    Wher does this stuff hide ????
    anyways now just gotta move the menu up a tad in forefox and its ok – Id love some css input if anyone knows it – thanks —

    If you wish to learn css, start here:

    FYI, Firefox and Opera usually get it right, and IE almost always gets it wrong. IE is the broken browser. When using css, design for FF and O, THEN hack it to make it work in IE.

    An article you might find helpful in dissecting the kubrick theme and putting it back together:

    Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 1

    Hey Kickass — that is the most useful post I have seen in a lonnnnng time.
    Thank you – at least now I find some of the logic behind this sucker.
    This article should be place in BIG flashing lights somewhere so newbies like me and im sure hundreds others dont wast our valuable time (at least mine is) – Like have a link on the Codex for heavens sake (unless Ive got my dark glass on again and didnt see it). as i said – mutter mutter
    Thank you

    You’re welcome! I’m fairly new to wordpress, though pretty experienced with css. That article is the one that got me going on customizing my own theme the first day I installed. It’s VERY helpful. There are a couple more installments on that one if you poke around on that site. is a new article on the Codex that has step by step instructions on the WordPress header(s).

    There are also very extensive information and tips on CSS and working with designing your themes and different elements on your WordPress site.

    Thanks Kickass and Lorelle – as always – helpful.
    Both articles were very useful esp the new codex on design of headers.
    Can I suggest that this article (in codex) be crosslinked to “Editing Headers” since thats what most newbies and fiddlers are doing rather than actual Design.
    Thanks again, Keep well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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