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  1. ppradeep
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The website I’m trying to launch is a portal(allinhyderabad.com) that offers multiple services, like: Events, Jobs, Sightseeing, Hotels, Transport, Cinema. As I’m a startup in this business, I want to make use of WP-mutisite as I believe it’s the best option which can help lauch multiple websites and also gives the ability to customize all in a single dashboard(network). However I’ve found many problems in the process and so looking for some professionals help me overcome them!.
    Here are those:

    1) Is it fine to have multiple themes loaded on WP-multisite network because my website is a portal that offers multiple services(Jobs, Hotels, Events, Transport etc..) each different from other?

    2) From an user point of view, even though a website has multiple services each different from other, I think the website doesn’t look user friendly as each site loads with different theme/pagelayout. So to overcome this, I think of putting the Home-navigation+Header part+Logo all SAME all in all other sites in the network, but keeping the rest of the theme/layout of each site as they come. Does this make sense?..if so what are some easy methods to do with the coding part to make the entire site look relevant all across the network sites?

    3) In the above case, how do we make the Home-page theme reflect/publish all posts (including homepage theme + other sites themes posts) that are published under other sites in my network?

    4) Pageload time: Does wp-multisite loads slow when each site has a separate theme(ex: homepage: Twenty Ten, /site1 : Twenty Eleven, /site2: Customizr) installed rather a child theme? If so, how to overcome this?

    5) Registration or Signup Question: What is the best way to get users signup with my website, when my website is a portal with multiple websites/services?.. As you know a Job portal offers Employers & Jobseekers different registration process, Say, I’ve if I have a signup form on the Homepage and a User register, how does this work with when the same user want to look for a Job or post a job(as mentioned above *Jobs* is one among other services: Hotel, Transport, Cinema, the portal provides)?

    I’ve been spending a lot of time to get answers to above questions but unsuccessful. So, finally decided to get help from this WPmultisite community experts!..Hope you people will definitely help and give guidance!..

    If any question sounds unclear or you want more details, I’m glad to give more info/details.

    Look forward to your replies..

  2. 1) Yes, multiple themes are fine.

    2) You can hook into wp_head, or code it directly into the theme.

    3) You use a plugin like WPMU Sitewide Tags - http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mu-sitewide-tags/ - Odd name, but it does the job :)

    4) Not any more than it does in a single site install

    5) I don't know. You'd have to possibly customize your login pages. Or consider something like BuddyPress

  3. ppradeep
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for your help Mika!.

    2)You mean edit the wp_head in each individual theme of the network or home-page theme?

    4)So, you say there's nothing to worry about pageload time though it has multiple themes activated in the network!?..I'm wondering because having mutliple themes activated on WP-multisite network obviously have many files eventually effecting the pageload time..just as a single larger CSS or JavaScript file will often load quicker because more time can be spent downloading the data rather than establishing multiple connections to a server...am I wrong?

    Thanks again!

  4. 2) I mean that you can write a function, put it in an mu-plugin, and go to town :) See http://halfelf.org/2012/mu-plugins-are-good/

    4) Given that each site can only run ONE theme at a time, themes have nothing more to do with pageload on Multisite than they do on Single installs. Can a crappy theme cause problems? Sure. But that's a different thing.

  5. ppradeep
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I see, ok, thanks Mike!...and for User registration on the website(mentioned in my 5th point), I want to install a plugin which can automatically adds/show login form(registration) to all sites on the network as well on the pages, say a default login form on every site and page. I found Easy sign-up plugin(wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/easy-sign-up) can do this job, however I've also found Join my multisite plugin(http://wordpress.org/plugins/join-my-multisite/), does exactly what I'm looking for. Which one would you recommend for my use?

    Also, can you explain which plugin is better to give access to the Users to all sites on the network rather single site?..bit confused whether these plugins gives access only per site registration so users can only access/comment/subscribe to single site or to all sites on the network!

    Look forward to your reply..

  6. Better is subjective. It depends on your needs, your skill levels, and so on.

    Also, can you explain which plugin is better to give access to the Users to all sites on the network rather single site?

    Assuming you want to give all users of your network access to all sites, I would use this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-user-management/

  7. ppradeep
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Assuming you want to give all users of your network access to all sites

    I mean, a native registration form, general visitors to a site can register, so they get access to all sites inside network, like this one:

  8. There's a basic one built in.


    And if you use the plugin I linked, that will add users to all sites (which is not done by default) when they register.

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