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  • I have a site where I want both individuals and clubs to register.
    Then I would like to allow individuals to be able to ONLY use blogs, this will be acheived using the Advanced Access Manager Plugin.

    I would also Like Clubs to get full access as current for multisite user site, so they can blog, have their own pages use pluging etc..

    I would like this to be acheived at registration.. say a drop down box for the type of account and then have the correct role given to the user (based on the roles given the Advanced Access Manager Plugin)

    Is this possible or is their a plugin allowing differnt roles at user registration???

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    By default users are registered to a Multisite NETWORK, not individual sites, and are ‘pseudo subscribers’ – they have no role on sites until you grant them. So .. If you want someone to be an admin of their site, you have to allow them to create sites when they register.

    As for the rest of the sites on the network, again, they have no role. can apply a role per site.

    I have taken a look at that plugin, but I would only get one default role which would be given at registration, say, admin or editor.

    I am looking for multiple roles at registration, so although I want them both to have the same role, again say, admin or editor for their site, but each to have different access to plugins or pages etc…

    I want this to be automatic so I keep site administration to a minimum, I don’t want to have to assign manually different roles to each site user.

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    You can’t do ‘multiple’ roles in WP.

    Sorry I don’t understand!

    Surely each multisite user(owner) can have any given role that I super admin give them

    So Say I give the user editor role

    and I give this user admin role.

    Thats what I want to do, just in an automatic way at registration.

    I ahve looked at a couple of options and has I am using Buddypress also The membership plugin allow you to set what members of different levels can do.

    I don’t mind if all my registered users are admin or editor On their own site, I just want some to be able to able to use pages and plugins and the other not just basic blogs.

    If this is not avaialble in WordPress then it’s back to Joomla for me!!!!

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    Let’s go over this, because you’re stuck on Joomla terms I think 🙂

    1) If a user creates a site, the are automatically admin, nothing else needs be done.

    2) New users are added to the network, NOT sites, UNLESS they are also the creator of a site.

    3) If you want new users to have default roles per site (note: this is NOT multiple roles, it’s one role per site), you use – This plugin sets new users to a default role of whatever you pick.

    So that’s the basics of how it works. Not terribly complex, but you have to remember that roles are PER site. Where you say ‘multiple roles’ we say ‘They don’t exist’ only because you don’t actually have ‘multiple’ roles, but ‘per site roles.’ And that does make a big difference in how the roles are applied.

    Multisite is multiple, separate, sites. Each site runs its own members and roles and themes. They’re segregated by default and intent.

    Yes thats what I aready knew:)

    But how I read the Multisite-userimanagement plugin all this would do is give new users different roles on different site and thats not what I want.

    Looking at the membership plugin I can set the things I want according to buddypress membership levels, they allow you to set administraive rules per membership type.

    So you can allow or dis-allow say blog creation, menu items, widgets and plugins.

    Which is what Im looking for, I want individuals not to be able to use plugins only clubs, so I couls have a club membership and an individual membership and give access to these like I require, only emmission is that I wanted to dis-allow pages to individuals as well.

    Their must be a way of doing this as allows you to pay and then you get more space, no ads etc… and wordpress multisite supposed to work the same way!

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    When you say ‘plugins’ and ‘clubs’ in the same sentence, you’re muddying waters more than needs be done.

    S2Member should be able to handle membership levels like that. There’s another plugin, behind a paywall, that claims to, but I’ve never used it. uses a home-grown plugin they have not yet released.

    Sorry, the sentence is not very clear.
    Lets start again.

    I have a site that is motorcycle based and I want the following.

    1. Individual bikers can sign up and will automatically get their own site, which they have admin role on,but they won’t be able to use pluging or pages they just get a basic blog.

    2. Motorcycle clubs sign up and automatically get their own site, again they get admin role on, but they get access to all plugins and can use pages etc…

    I don’t want to restrict any pages on my site (the main site).

    I have looked at the S2member plugin and that appears to be a restriction on my site, not what I want. I will have to look at the plugin more closely to get a better understanding of whats going on.

    Think I have found what I’m looking for at:

    I could then setup two differnt roles, 1 for Indiviual bikes and 1 for Bike Clubs and give the relevant access to each role.

    I think I could change the way they have done it though istead of 2 registration pages just use a drop down box with the relevant info then being posted and then setup using $_POST to change the role.

    I have also found the Advanced Access Manager, which means I can now make new roles and add capabilities for the role to achieve what I want when use with the method in the last post.

    Many thanks for you help and advice

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