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  1. kenfuzed
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Fairly new to WP. I'm in the process of moving over a static site and recreating pages. Most of my pages include Adsense but no matter how I add this to a page the page only shows the Adsense once unless reloading/refreshing the browser. I have tried hard coding the script and also tried just about every Adsense plugin out there.

    Example page:

    Clicking on any of the article links brings up the pages but you have to reload (F5) to see the Adsense ad.

    Does anyone have a way to fully load the page when clicking through from within the site? Pasting the URL's into a browser works fine, but once on the site pages need to be reloaded with each open.

    BTW, this is being run under a subdirectory while I migrate. I have over 100 pages/articles to set up so I haven't moved the original domain yet.

  2. HD80
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Did you get your adsense resolve? I'm having the same issue so I hope you can help me. My website is very new but it is annoying because I have to refresh to get ads on my page to appear. The ads on the sidebar works all the time though.

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