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  • We want to transfer our domain name to a new host, and build our WordPress site there again from scratch. It will be a new WordPress installation, new Theme, new site builder and the content will all be freshly uploaded. The old WordPress site and its subdomain will be shut down.

    Are we able to simply set up the new WordPress account for the same domain on the new host and set up logins there, or is there something that must be transferred?

    Background: We are currently locked out of the site on our domain name, and the administrative email, despite having followed instructions that would normally unlock those. We want to change hosts for several other reasons also. Must we persist with unlocking that WordPress account?

    We do have access to the subdomain and to cPanel, and I am able to understand instructions that relate to downloading and modifying config files.

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  • Hi! You can use subdomain or some temporary domain to your new site installation during work and then switch its name to name you need.
    You will need to make changes on domain’s DNS on your hosting to make subdomain and domain work on different hosting. It’s A record with IP (and you need to check if it has AAAA-record, it can cause problems and also different record to www subdomain). When you will need to move domain itself it possibly will need to change name servers (NS) of your domain name. Your new housing can help with all of this if you will have doubts about it.

    Changing The Site URL

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    Thanks Olga,

    I think I need to word my question more clearly – and perhaps it might belong on a different forum.

    I understand the process of transferring a domain, having done that previously. The site will not be transferred, we are leaving all its problems behind and are starting again.

    My question relates to the WordPress account only, and to the fact that we are locked out of the WordPress account on the domain currently. (We are not locked out of the host panel, nor the other WordPress account on the subdomain.) Will that lock come with us when we set up a new account on a different host? Or will the new account, although having the same name as the currently locked account, be free of that lock?

    Perhaps this is a question for security? The lock seems to be there because the site has been hacked and used to send spam.

    Probably it’s a question to your hosting support. I still cannot understand which account do you mean.

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    Thanks Olga.

    It has turned out to be quite a complicated problem. The management committee is solving it by buying a new related domain and we are beginning all over again on a new host with that new domain. The old one was on some spam blacklists, so they decided on a complete change.

    For future use of anyone who has a similar set of problems, I think the answer to my question about the account lies in the fact that unlike the forum which has a central register of members and which prohibits multiple accounts, when you are self-hosting your site the account relates to that site on that host specifically and is unaffected by a account with the same name on a separate host. I am told there is not a central register of all web site accounts. (That is what someone has suggested to me, it is not something I have tested.)

    And regarding the locked account, the lock took quite some time to release after I disabled all the plugins. It probably took two or three weeks for whichever server was applying the lock (host, security or a spam blocker?) to release it. So now I am able to get into that site to clean up the mess and redirect to the new one when it launches.

    Thanks again. I will mark this as resolved.

    Thank you for your reply!
    You are right if the domain name was used inappropriately the better to make a new one and don’t have this bad legacy. If you will buy a new name, it can be tricky to find a nice one, you can check this name on spam bases right before the purchase that this name wasn’t used before and then dropped.
    And IP on hosting can be checked too. Possibly better to buy personal IP, especially if you are sending e-mails from the site to clients and avoid shared IP when are a lot of sites and each of them can do anything.

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