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  • We have chosen to start a blog and add it to our website. At this point, it is quite bland and we need plugins/widgets to make it more presentable and marketable. What are your must have plugins or widgets?

    One plugin we are looking for is the ability to have 3 or 4 fields to complete before adding a comment to a post. We cannot find anything. But we would like to see a list of what you are using and what you all suggest. If you could link to the plugins/widgets, it would be very helpful. Thanks for your help.

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  • it really depends on what your site is about, what you will be doing with it, etc.

    and im not quite clear on what you mean about the comment fields. you want to be able to add extra fields to the comment form? different from what is there already?

    I do understand what you are saying. Each blog has its own feel and personality. I’ve looked at some blogs and saw some nice features that people have but cannot figure out what plugins they are using. I was hoping to see some of the more popular stuff posted here.

    What im looking for with the comments is to have non registered users fill out a quick form (name, email, then comments box) rather then the default way to leave a comment. Its a lot easier to see the name and email boxes if you want to leave a comment rather then click the small register button. Here is an example: see the “Leave a reply” section. I want a similar set up to leave comments.

    Basically i see a fairly common theme with plugins on the blogs that i’ve visited. I just don’t know what they are called. I feel they would be a great addition to our blog but I dont know where to start looking for them. Thanks.

    What im looking for with the comments is to have non registered users fill out a quick form

    This is an option in the WordPress admin panel. On the main options tab, uncheck “Users must be registered and logged in to comment.”

    As for the plugins, there are hundreds of “common” plugins. You will have to be more specific if you want specific suggestions.

    You can browse the “most popular” plugin list: . (I especially like the second one up from the bottom. :p )

    Ah, found the comments thing. Thanks. I was looking in the wrong spot. I will have a look at the popular plugins and come back with any additional questions. Thanks for the help!

    And if you want to see what plugins a site is using (this is kinda evil) sometimes you can just navigate to their plugins folder..

    if the site is

    chances are their plugin folder is here:

    and hopefully the directory is unprotected. You can then take a peek at all the plugins in that directory. 🙂

    I recommend at the least these:

    Obfuscate Email (this munges any addresses you may actually type)

    Contact Form (there are several good ones out there, including Douglas Kerr’s WP Contact Form

    and Green Beast’s Secure Form:

    WordPress Database Backup

    David Chait’s QuickPHP which allows you to put php code into a WP Page

    Most of those are for functionality or security, and don’t have a high “fun factor.”

    There are widgets and plugins that do all kinds of things in connection with, flickr, twitter, reading/book lists, music players, etc. Just check out the plugins repository or google for WordPress Plugins and go hog wild!

    And (sorry for the shameless plug) there’s a plugin that lists all the plugins used .. I use quite a few on my personal blog, check out the plugin list at the bottom of the page here:

    Excellent tricks. I will have a look at your shameless plug 😉 as this is the best way to see what is being used.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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