Support » Plugin: W3 Total Cache » Must-have caching plugin

  • Bart Kuijper


    After trying several caching plugins, I settled on this one. Where some others were lacking in functionality, the free version of this plugin offers more than enough functionality for my relatively small and simple WP site on shared hosting.

    Being new to all this I still only had to spend a single evening with this plugin to get it setup properly. Using the plugin’s and WP’s documentation combined with some Googling, I got my site’s score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights from a miserable <50 to a full 100!

    That’s more than I had dared hope for given the low-budget nature of my shared hosting and the legacy of taking over a WP install with heaps of extraneous plugins, duplicated functionality, hacks, badly coded theme, etc.

    The site is now extremely snappy (Time To First Byte = 40 ms, static assets cached, no render-blocking resources, etc). The front page finishes loading in approximately 0.7 seconds!

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