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  • Is there any easy way to change the directory name that a WP install is in? My host provider no longer supports having a period in the directory name and I have to remove them all.

    I have a number of wordpress sites. All are in directories that are named with the site URL. For example:


    I hired someone to do some custom work on the site and — as I’ve done many time before — went to FatCow (my host — unfortunately) and tried to set up an FTP user to give a username/password to the coder for JUST that particular site.

    After repeated attempts, I contacted tech support. Apparently:

    Recently, we have discontinued this feature on our platform. Hence, it is not possible to create the FTP user with the period in the directory name. I suggest that you create a new folder without any special character in it and create the FTP user for that directory.

    The genius at tech support continued to tell me just to make a new directory and drag everything to it. I explained (multiple times) that would mess up the installs. I don’t think he understood.

    So, is there ANY easy way to change these directory names? I have to remove the period from every single WP install or I can’t provide access to it.

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