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  • This theme is really fantastic. The amount of thought the developers have put into their code and front-end customizations is amazing, and they have more options than I can easily count.

    The level of detail they have put into this theme is really amazing, and I applaud them that they give away such a complete version for free. They know what they’re doing, and the code they have written is very efficient—they know their craft exceptionally well.

    Where many “free” themes hold the highly desirable parts for their Pro Version only, Catch Themes have offered what is undoubtedly hours of work and design in their “lite” version, saving only the decorative embellishments and much better customer service for their Pro Version (they even offer a paid service so one of their developers will individually customize your installation to exactly what you want, on top of their already free support forums).

    The only things I can see the lite theme NOT having is the beautiful contact form at the bottom of their demo (which can be worked around with CSS), and the contact and map pre-footer section. The rest they all give away in good faith, and I really thank them for doing that.

    • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by dreamuur. Reason: Earlier I wrongly left a very negative review of this theme. The installation had (for whatever reason) glitched, and all that was under customize was widgets and an option to buy the Pro Version. After receiving a thoughtful response to my criticisms I re-downloaded and installed Decree again, to great results. I really regret that I left such negative feedback to what is a really charitably given and professionally scripted theme
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  • Theme Author Catch Themes


    Hi Dreamuur,

    Thanks for your review. We haven’t done any high marketing and we haven’t done any excessive promotion to pro version. If we have done that how come we have more then 147,000 active install just from free users.

    We don’t think we have mislead in anyway. It’s the Freemium business and most of the theme companies does the same here. We do have features in free which in mention in the theme page. Yes, if you want more then what’s mention in the free theme list then offcouse you need to upgrade to pro. Also, in your theme instructions we have clearly mention about it and also in theme page.

    I respect your perspective and and if you feel that we have deceived you then we are really sorry for that.

    But we still have 438 free theme users who gave us 5 star review and 147,000 active users for free theme. So, there must be some different opinion.

    If you have any issue with free theme then do let us know at our free support forum at We will be more then happy to help you.

    Have a nice day.

    Catch Themes

    Thank you for having such a thoughtful response; it made all the difference and I’m really sorry about my initial negative review. I can really see you guys have put a lot of effort into this theme, and it’s great that you’re giving so much away for free.

    I’d spent the day going through misleadingly “free” themes, which only advertised what their Pro Version looked like and was capable of but never the limited appearance and features of the lite version (because most people would choose better options instead), then when your one glitched in such an extreme way I didn’t think to question it before flipping the lid.

    I wonder now how many of the other lite themes were bugged installs too, but from the few of them I re-tried they still didn’t offer as much as you guys have and not as honestly either. I really appreciate what the team at Catch Themes is doing, and even though I was sassy to begin with you have earned a loyal supporter.

    Again, I’m really sorry and I hope my new positive review undoes some of the negative impact of my highly critical one. Decree is a fantastic theme, and one I’m glad to spread the word about. It really stands head-and-shoulders above some of the others I went through.

    Theme Author Catch Themes


    Thanks for your positive response. You made our whole team happy. Thanks a lot 🙂

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