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    This may seem like a stupid question but do I need to be logged in to Facebook on the same machine I’m logged into WordPress with?

    I’m asking because WordBooker works perfectly the first time I install it on my blog, but if I log out of Facebook it stops working and I see this Status:

    WARNING : Your Access token is not valid ( Error validating access token: This may be because the user logged out or may be due to a system error. )

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    No – you can be logged out of Facebook and Wordbooker should work as long as you completed the access token exchange during the auth process. Right now I’m logged out of Facebook and Wordbooker is still working against Facebook.

    When are you getting the error message?

    Here’s how I can reproduce:

    1. Install WordBooker
    2. Authorize WordBooker on Facebook
    3. Using default settings and without logging out from Facebook, I create a post and publish it to my wall. Works fine.
    4. Sign out of Facebook on my machine.
    5. Create another post and I see the error above and nothing posts to Facebook.

    Here is support info:

    Plugin Author Steve


    What version of Wordbooker are you using?

    Can you turn the diagnostic message level up to full and check the option to log access token exchanges and then get a new access token and post the diagnostics in here…

    Wordbooker 2.1.31


    Plugin Author Steve


    Can you turn the diagnostics up to full, set the option to log access token swapping and do a re-auth and get the diagnostics at each stage and let me see them.

    Also can you post your support information from the bottom of the wordbooker options page.

    Apologies for my ignorance but I was under the impression that “Show Everything and I mean everything” was the highest diagnostic level…

    Plugin Author Steve


    There is a an option in the advanced settings to log access token swapping – you need to enable that and then go through the process of getting a new token. I need to see what is going on there because I suspect there is a problem with the stored tokens as no-one else is reporting this and the cache code runs in the background on the server so its sessions are totally separate to the Web based sessions.

    Access token log:

    Support info:

    Wordbooker: 2.1.31
    Wordbooker Code Base: 2.1.31 R00 - Irene and The Morrow
    Wordbooker ID: 254577506873
    Wordbooker Schema: 5.6
    WordPress: 3.5.1
    Table prefix: wp_
    PHP: 5.2.17
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    PHP Memory Usage (MB): 37.25
    JSON Encode: PHP
    JSON Decode: PHP
    Curl Status: Curl is available and can access Facebook - All is OK ( Response Time was : 0.265570878983 seconds )
    Curl Version: 7.24.0
    Wordbooker Server Access: Wordbooker Acccess OK
    JSON Version: 1.2.1
    SimpleXML library: 0.1 (provided by PHP)
    HTTP Output Character Encoding: pass
    Internal PHP Character Encoding: UTF-8
    MySQL: 5.5.30-30.2
    Database character_set_client : utf8
    Database character_set_connection : utf8
    Database character_set_database : utf8
    Database character_set_filesystem : binary
    Database character_set_results : utf8
    Database character_set_server : utf8
    Database character_set_system : utf8
    Database character_sets_dir : /usr/share/mysql/charsets/
    Database collation_connection : utf8_general_ci
    Database collation_database : utf8_unicode_ci
    Database collation_server : utf8_unicode_ci
    Server : Apache
    Active Plugins :
       BackupBuddy ( 2.2.33 )
       Easy Digital Downloads ( 1.5.1 )
       qTranslate ( 2.5.34 )
       Wysija Newsletters ( 2.4.4 ) 
    Wordbooker Table Status :
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_errorlogs' is present and contains 12 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_postlogs' is present and contains 2 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_userdata' is present and contains 1 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_userstatus' is present and contains 0 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_postcomments' is present and contains 2 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_process_queue' is present and contains 0 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_fb_friends' is present and contains 0 rows
          Table 'wp_wordbooker_fb_friend_lists' is present and contains 0 rows

    And here is the log after I refresh the settings page just after successful authorization:

    Plugin Author Steve


    OK – there is a problem – if you look there is NO return code in the auth token swapping. So what that means is that the token is not being swapped for a long term token.

    If you feel comfortable can you edit the wordbooker_facebook_curl.php file and find the wordbooker_get_access_token function.

    In there is a line:

    //wordbooker_debugger("Access token returns ",$x,-5,98) ;

    before it ADD the following line:


    so it looks like:

    //wordbooker_debugger("Access token returns ",$x,-5,98) ;

    This appears to have done the trick. Thank you Steve for the amazing response time!

    Plugin Author Steve


    What worries me is that you were the first person to find it!

    It worried me too. I searched exhaustively and made a conscientious effort when composing the title of this thread. Best we can hope is that others find it if they experience it before you have time to push out the fix in the next update!

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