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  • Resolved jackie777


    HI – Regarding permission levels –
    Users who are Students or Contributors can’t view the assignments.
    I changed a student to “author” and now the assignments can be viewed.

    Could you review what the WordPress permission level as well as the Namaste permission settings have to be for a student to be able to view & submit assignments (but also have security so they can’t get into anywhere but that?)

    (in WP settings I have ‘comments allowed’ if that has anything to do with it)

    Thank you –

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  • Plugin Author prasunsen


    Sorry, not sure what you mean. If role is enabled in Namaste settings page, it can submit assignments.

    Sorry for not explaining this well –
    I am now able to view assignments now that I’ve set my student-user to “Student” in WordPress, and set the Namaste settings to give each (editor, author, contrib, etc.) access to the learning material. I think I misunderstood the Namaste role settings.

    However – could you explain why “Submit Assignment” throws students into the admin back end (wp-admin) of WordPress?
    I would like to have students not see the Dashboard, Profile or Toolbar. ( I’m using a plugin that disables the Toolbar in the front end, but once in the “Assignment” area, the toolbar displays and dashboard and profile are in the sidebar, and the url shows ‘wp-admin’)
    Is there a way to not have these admin-areas show?

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    wp-admin is the dashboard of WordPress. It is accessible to everyone who has user account. This is not our decision, it is how WordPress works. If you want to disable access to certain parts of the dashboard there are plugins that do this. It’s outside of the LMS scope.

    Thank you, I have just located some plugins to configure the Admin Dashboard.

    It seems that once a user completes an assignment (with Dashboard displaying because I assume because they’re creating a page or post?) they remain in the ‘back end’ – is this the way it works?
    Clicking on the ‘back to lessons’ link at the top of the Assignments page, or the link to the course itself, keeps me in the back end.

    Is there any way to get the user to the front end again so they’ll be able to view widgets, and just continue to work with Namaste on the front end?

    a correction to what I wrote above:
    Clicking on “back to lessons’ does bring me back to front end.

    So I think you’re saying that Assignments will always display the dashboard, and thing to do here is customize the admin area using the plugins – seems to be doing the trick.

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