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  • Hi guys,

    Does anyone know how could I stream music on my blog?

    1. I want it to be streaming once my blog is loaded and not having the listener to click play or anything.

    2. I would like to have a small player by the sidebar to allow people to mute, adjust vloume, change tracks etc.

    3. If I want to place the music files, say wma or mp3 in my server and have the tracks loaded from there, how do I go about doing it?

    What players would allow of the above functions?

    Pardon me if this is posted somewhere else as I couldn’t find what I need. Kindly direct me to the helppage for this if it’s already available.


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  • Just for reference, a lot of folks stay away from sites like that. My browser = my music. Also do remember that 70% of the folks on the net are still on dial up.

    Have you looked at the plugin page?

    I’am now using Taragana’s mp3 Player Plugin. However there are times when music would be played with continuous puasing as though it is loading and playing at the same time. Other times it would be perfect streaming without any irritating pauses or stopping. Is there anyway where I can totally eliminate the pausings and stoppings?




    yes, get a better internet connection. thats called buffering.

    I would doubt it’s buffering as I could play it smoothly at times and at other times have it playing 2 sec pause 2 sec and then play for other 2 sec repeatedly. But I’ll give it the benefit of doubt.

    Btw Thank you whooami! =D

    Another question. Is there anyway whereby I can prevent visitors from downloading through my link using Taragana’s mp3 Player Plugin? I do want people to be able to download songs off my server.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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