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  • I have been looking for a solution to my music playlist problem for a long long time and I am surprised I cannot seem to find the one solution that suits me.

    I must have tried dozens of plugins 🙁

    I have a private (password protected) blog, for my own use and some of my friends. I post small reviews of albums I bought and thought were great. I include one or two songs for them to listen to and discuss. I use WP Audio Player for that.

    On another page I use JW Player which loads a playlist with maybe 100 songs through a php script. This is for personal use only. I use this page every day at work. It basically reads the content of a directory on a different server. I had to use a some hacks and tricks to get this to work in wordpress. Not using the JW Player plugin for that.

    What I would like to do now is whenever I post a review of an album for my friends to read, is to include a playlist for that album. But I do not want to have to insert links for every single mp3 file in the shotcode provided (like in WP Audio Player). I just want to point to a directory with the entire album and have the plugin generate a playlist for the player (like I do on the page/player mentioned above but this time without hacks and work arounds). I tried to do this with the official JW Player plugin but it doesn’t seem to work here. Error after error.

    Futhermore I would like the player to have a very minimalistic look or at least be able to configure it that way.

    Doens’t seem to be be overly demanding does it? 🙂 Still, haven’t find an easy solution.

    Do you guys know of any good solution/plugin I could try? Would be great if someone could help me out here. Other great suggestions are more than welcome as well!


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