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  • I have spent months working on this site. It has been around for a couple of years but was running on WP2.7 due to the theme version.

    I originally had this online live but due to the amount of work I knew i had to do to get the theme working with 3.0.1 I pulled it down on to a local Xampp server to complete. I made a few mistakes and realized that the old site was hacked in the process of re-design. But after many months i have managed to get it back up live and running very smoothly. There has been one instance of a hack in a plugin called Pagepeel but after some reverse engineering I managed to solve that problem.

    The amazing accomplishment for me is that I am running somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 plugins on this thing and I am still managing to get 2-3 seconds or less load times. It wasn’t easy though.

    Anyway check it out and tell me what you think so far.


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  • hi,
    your entire post is linking to your blog, perhaps you can edit your post.

    your site loads slow, but it can be due to the header, i won’t suggest you anything about the header because it looks very good. just let it stay as it is 🙂

    you can cut down on the use of other images, you got over all too many images on your front page. the theme is neat and clean, and you have good content. The domain itself is very brandable. You can make your tags turned back to default, the rotating tags is not all that cool. Nice use of social media, and you can remove these extra stuff – /2010/09/09/ from your url, no point making your url look longer.

    ohh, and perhaps you can let users comment without being logged, that way it becomes easy for your visitors to comment on your blog.

    over all your blog is good, keep it updated,

    Healthyvotes, Thank you for your feedback. I was trying to figure out how to edit the post and just realized that someone had already made the change for me. Thumbs up!

    I realize the site is a bit heavy but that is how I like it. The thing is that it is doubling as my photography portfolio and the magazine, so it is bound to be heavy.

    Glad you like the header! I do too.

    As for the rotating tags, well a lot of my subscribers like it so it stays. Personally I agree with you but if people say they like it…

    I have been working on the changing the permalink structure, but every time I change them it breaks the site so I am in no hurry to jump into that right now.

    And finally, allowing people to comment without subscribing. I am not sure I want this to happen. The last time I did that I had a ton of spam and actually had some SQL injections into the site. Since then though I have made some serious security changes. Maybe some testing on this before I actually release the subscription on comments.

    All in all very constructive criticism, I really appreciate it.

    Thank you!

    about the comments without subscribing, you can use plugins like akismet, bad-behaviour and re-captcha, the combination of these 3 plugins will finish the spam completely. but then, if you still feel it exposes your security, then perhaps leaving it as it is, is a good idea 🙂

    about the permalinks, surely it does change all the post urls, that is why i just like it at /%postname%/ and i never change it after that…


    I actually took all of your suggestions to heart and implemented everyone. I had to migrate the permalink structure. For some reason it threw 404 errors just changing it in the admin settings. Anyway it works now and I am super happy about it.

    I ran some test on the no login for comments and as far as I can tell it is going to be pretty hard for someone to inject anything with what I have done. I don’t even have bad behavior running. But I do have askismet and Recaptcha, and a few other little tricks I pulled in code to shut certain things down, shh…

    Again, thank you so much for your input it was greatly valued.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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