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  • I mean if the “Wall posts” is a collection of everything going to the stream, it should not be a Album.

    Should me a separate tab called “published” or something (with edit links below each item so we don need to view each single requests)

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    When uploading a mp3 it jumps to Albums => Wall posts pictures. Is that right?

    By default it selects/uses “Wall Posts”. This album will be used in version 2.4 again when we will add upload/attach media to status updates.
    BUT there is also an option to “Create New” album. If you click on it, you will get a field to enter new album-name.


    Albums *Concept*
    We have decided to handle albums Picasa-style rather than Facebook-style.
    An album can contain photos/music/videos together.
    We are yet to update this into documentation. Sorry for delay.

    Mixed style album will require better navigation which will be available next month hopefully.

    As of now, when you open an album all contents will show up in order which they have uploaded.

    In future we will add extra UI elements e.g. filter to see photos only, sorting by comments, etc.


    Photos, Videos, Music Tabs
    These are more like aggregate tabs. Photos will show *all photos from all albums*.
    Videos will show all videos from all album and so on…

    UI, navigation and many others things will be polished later in December (hopefully). Goals for this month is to get Group-media support and activity-integration rolling.

    We can always rename the Album to “All media” or something. Picasa style has never been a success in europe, confusing. “Media collection” or something is more suitable. An Album is only for Photos.

    Well, keep your plans and let the development come into place. Its to early to interfear with the user-experiance yet.

    Plugin Author Rahul Bansal


    Actually we did not know we were going picasa style. If felt intuitive as I was looking at my personal media collection and it seemed “event-driven” rather than “data-driven”.

    My data on hard-disk was mostly organised in folders like Concerts, Marriages, Parties, etc. I thought lets make “folders” as “albums”. And folders contained all kind of media for a particular event. OS details view helped me sort” by “photos, videos, etc.

    Originally we planned albums only for photos and there were playlists for vidoes/music (see)

    At some point in future, we will add admin-settings so admin can decide on labels/slugs. Then music will be renamable to songs, album to collection etc.

    Goal is to separate all “functionality” from “interface”. I hope by the time we will be done with main functionality part, BuddyPress 1.7 will be out, which hopefully will take BuddyPress-themes development to a different level…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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