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    I’m using email before download to help a young musician build his fan base.

    We’ve made his latest single available free and rather than using the theme’s inbuilt WooCommerce I thought it would be easier (!) to use this plugin

    Problem 1

    No matter if I have the Inline Link Target set to _self or _blank, clicking on the link opens a new tab, which just has my background colour (but no other aspects of my theme like logo etc) with a pop up audio player that plays the track

    What I want is for clicking on the link to DOWNLOAD the file i.e. save it to the users hard drive.

    The work around for this is to instruct the fan to Right Click on the link (using the HTML Before Inline Link text)

    BUT that leads on to….


    If I look at the site from a smartphone, clicking on the download link just takes me to a completely blank white screen

    There is no ability to right-click (click and hold brings up a share, translate or inspect mini menu – and the last thing I want is people sharing the link as it would bypass the whole point of requesting emails)

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this OR a better way of tackling the process I want to deal with that ensures it is doable from all sorts of devices


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  • OK so I’ve been having a look around and discovered that despite the Plugin page here on WordPress saying I need the OLD version of Download Monitor, there is a post elsewhere that says it also works with the new version!

    So I’ve removed the old Download Monitor and installed the new one.

    Now when I create a post with a download in it (using Download Monitor shortcode), clicking on the link starts the download process.

    This is also true on a smartphone screen – clicking on the link starts the download, click and hold brings up a menu where ‘save link’ is one of the options

    BUT if I create a post using email before download to capture name and email before revealing the Inline link to the download, on a PC the file plays on click and I have the old problem on the smartphone that click takes me to a completely blank screen (with no url in the browser bar) and click and hold brings up a menu that doesn’t include save.

    I’m about to start going through the email before download code with a fine tooth comb but really don’t want to do this so any solutions would be much appreciated

    Eureka! All it took was a belt and some braces 🙂

    It appears that despite having the ‘force download’ option specified in my Download Monitor settings, email-before-download doesn’t pick up this attribute.

    I’ve had to specify in my email-before-download shortcode that I want to force a download

    [email-download download_id="147" contact_form_id="141" force_download="yes"]

    did the trick both on a PC and a smartphone

    Plugin Author mandsconsulting


    Hi dusticat,
    That sounds strange. The latest version of Download Monitor is forcing download by default, so you don’t have to specify this attribute anywhere.
    Which version you mention in your latest message.
    In any case good to know you finally managed to make it working.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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