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  1. mbs1337
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    Yo WordPressers!

    Hope there is some kind advice for me for this on, cause I don't know if this is possible in WordPress.

    First of all. We are 2 music lovers who hear a lot of music, on different radio stations. We can't keep track of those titles, and we want to build an simple music database. My first thought was "WordPress can do this!"

    I've created a screenshot, and I've uploaded it: http://www.mbstech.dk/music.png

    The idea is very simple. When we hear some music we like, then we go the website and submit the title of the track. Artist first, then the title, and last the genre. Then the database quick's add the information + the time and user information. My idea was just creating users in WordPress. Right know it's only 2 people.

    And then (if possible) when it's submitted, search for a possible link on Youtube. This is only if it's possible. I don't know the difficult on this one?

    Bottom of this site, should contain some lines with all the tracks submitted. Just in order in date or something.

    Is all this possible in WordPress? And if so, how :)? Can't seem to found much on the internet, but again, don't quite know what i have to search for.

    Hope you guys understand
    Peace and love from Denmark
    Michael Bay

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