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  • Hi,
    I changed an existing wp site to have multisites enabled. Sub directory blog 2 works. Original blog is fine, but now I wanted to switch to have a static front page for the original blog. Created 2 pages etc. Front page works, but blog page shows “There’s nothing here. If there were posts in the database, you’d be seeing them. Try creating a post, and see if that solves your problem.”

    There are posts of course. They are still showing up fine in original blog, just not able to switch it so posts are read from another page. Tried renaming page /recent in case it was something to do with name blog.

    Only thing I edited upon enabling multisites was removing the /blog in the super admin because permalinks were broken.

    Quite new to this. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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  • When you made your blog page template, what did you put in it?

    Hi Andrea,
    Sorry I am brand new to this. I didn’t make a template. Followed instructions here (to the letter I think!:) ….

    Creating a network and page a page template to show your blog posts are two entirely different and unrelated things.

    Your blog posts not show in the /blog/ page is not because of multisite. you can do this in a single install as well.

    ok, i don’t get it though. Sorry to be dense. It was working before even after the multisite install, only the blog posts were on front page.

    What’s happened is since trying to have a static front page and then using another page (with nothing on it as per instructions and I have done this before) it does not work.

    I just selected the default template – in the drop down menu. Actually, didn’t select, it is”pre-selected”. IS that what you mean?
    I didn’t create that page – it’s part of the thesis theme.


    Then go ask over in thesis support.

    wordPress themes by default show blog posts on the main page. If you want to show them on another page, your theme needs a template file that supports this.

    Hi – It’s not a thesis issue. I have another thesis wp blog which has the blog on another page and it works fine. So no other suggestions of what to looks for? Thanks.

    Try it on a sub-blog then and see if the main blog’s /blog/ thingy is interfering. (Yes, I know you took it out)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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