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  • Hi.
    Do you know any multiuser blogs not requiring virtual subdomain setup?


    From my hosting company:
    “WordPressMU requires Virtual subdomain setup, otherwise known as wildcard dns
    or wildcard subdomains. At this time this is not something that we offer at
    Lunarpages in our shared hosting plans.” From my hosting company lunarpages

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  • Is switching hosts an option? Site5 will let you, but you have to specifically ask. It doesn’t come as default.

    Currently the non-vhost option is there in MU but buggy and not supported. Some people have managed to get it to run, like me, but not fully.

    How comfortable are you with hacking code?

    Also, have you thought of using multiple installs of WordPress in one database?

    Also based on WordPress.

    Hi Kafkaesqui
    Thanks for the reference to lyceum. I’m not a very tech person? So a dumb question.
    What exactly is virtual subdomain setup?

    And from your posting it looks like lyceum doesn’t require this. Pls confirm . Thanks.

    Doh! I forgot about lyceum.

    Virtual subdomains spew out a url like They are called virtual because the subdomain directory doesn’t actually exist on the server. WPMU uses the wildcard thingy and a buttload of htaccess rules to generate each user’s blog on the fly.

    Lyceum will generates the user’s url as
    That’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge of it. Why not check out their faq?

    Thanks a lot .. that was what I though it would be and exactly what I wanted : ). Will check it out.
    The ibiblio site looks pretty good. Was surprised that I didn’t find it in any of my google searches for blogs.

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