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  • I got a look at the WP 2.7 wireframe and I’m concerned that the slow and cumbersome method of uploading images that was instituted in 2.5 will remain in 2.7.

    Manniac described the issue well. (and here and here)

    The core is that the number of clicks needed to upload and place images has increased and I now have to wait for several modal windows to load. I used to be able to type my blog post while waiting for images to load.

    I don’t want to spend my day waiting for pretty browser pages to load. I want to write in my blog!

    Please, someone tell me this performance is being looked at.

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  • Otto, I have taken a look at your many recent posts on the WordPress forums. You appear to be excellent at discussing very precise problems that users are having.

    The issue I raised is more of a general design issue. I thank you for pointing me toward the Contributing to WordPress link.

    The project would benefit if you worded your comments with less vitriol on issues that you disagree with.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I don’t put vitriol into my comments. Sarcasm, perhaps, but the truth of the matter is that you’re just reading them wrong.

    hello , i face strange problem , when i upload multiple photos , i see only numbers of photos in upper corner of gallery , when i open gallery , i cant see the photos , so i can’t insert them .

    Then i should go to library to insert them One/One .

    I need to insert them all using gallery insert button , what i can do ?

    I couldn’t agree more with gadlen. Internet users love getting things done fast.

    Click on image upload icon -> wait wait wait and wait (this part doesn’t make sense) -> click on browse icon -> browse file -> uploading… -> click “insert post” -> done.

    Note that while having all the extra clicks as above, the screen is freezed and you could do nothing but to wait for your upload to be done. Isn’t that a waste of time?

    And that’s when flash works. When it doesn’t, like you’re having Flash 10 Beta, it’s even more frustrating. Click on image upload icon, wait wait wait, click on browser uploader link then repeat as above.

    What’s the point? While in older WP, you can browse your files to be uploaded right when you are writing! In the same page itself. No need of clicking anything to fetch the uploader, no need to wait for the uploader to load, no need to worry about flash.

    I’m definitely hope something can be done. At least it would be great if someone can write a plugin that can return the old uploader. As gadlen mentioned, I have tried searching plugins that will do that, but so far I haven’t found one.

    Some people like Otto might prefer the new uploader, so it would be good if there’s an option to choose.

    In short, I dislike the new uploader very much.

    The nearest I found to a useful plugin to create galleries is It’s not perfect, depending on what you wanna do, but for some this ‘hard to find’ plugin might do the trick.

    It simply creates HTML galleries of bulk uploaded photos (and videos too) and stores them in a folder of your choice. Until the WP media gallery is honed and perfected, this is probably the best alternative for 2.6 upwards. I had this working on 2.7 beta3 so I assume it’ll work with the final release 2.7.

    I think the flash uploader functionality is fine.

    However, having the flash uploader in a thickbox is completely unnecessary. The new flash uploader could have been kept below the Post Content text field. An anchor link to the Uploader would have been good at the top of the post editor so that new users could find it more easily.

    i have a problem, am trying to upload images now and the Ajax window does not pop-up, it loads on a separate page, any advices?



    You are not listening.
    You are the worst moderator ever.

    To have a best product, we should listen to people comments, not deny or giving them with answers that totally different with their conditions.

    For me, i’ve been fall in love with WordPress since its started but this 2.7 media uploader its the most sucks. Yes we internet users like do things fast but the media uploader in the 2.7 is so slow nearly useless. Not only slow, it opens to a new page (pop up is better), and after click insert into post the screen mostly blank. I know many of WP users will agree with this.

    I have no choice, i have to install older version of WP.

    To WP development team, i really hope you guys can read this and fix it, or at least change back to the older media uploader which is works.

    Yes, also get the blank page when I try to upload image… “Insert in Post” goes to blank page. PLEASE fix this problem…. or post the fix here…

    popart, I used to have that problem. it is the plague. I was lucky, and fixed it by deactivating plugins one by one.

    God bless, Gadlen. I want drag-and-drop upload too.

    I used the Firefox drag and drop upload plugin to use with gmail. Didnt think that the same one would work with WP?

    Well, I want a WP plugin to do it!


    I managed to fix my image upload problem. For me, it was a Theme issue. I was using the WPRemix2 theme. The advanced editor for WPRemix2 was causing problems. I had to delete the code that called for the WPRemix2 advanced editor, then image uploading worked correctly.

    If you’re frustrated with the time consuming way the new WordPress interface makes you insert images one-by-one to your post just download this wordpress hack to insert all images.

    The hack basically adds an “insert all images” button. Just click it and all the images uploaded in your gallery come out in your post. Hopefully this will saves you a lotta time.

    To install:

    • Download the hack.
    • Unzip the file
    • Rename the file “media_hacked_just-rename-to-media.php” to just “media.php”
    • Upload it into your server’s “wp-admin/includes” folder


    Hey deevio
    Thanks for the Hack. Unfortunately it did not work for me. WP 2.7.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare media_upload_tabs() (previously declared in /hp/ax/ad/pj/www/ in /hp/ax/ad/pj/www/ on line 25

    I have to say I think adding several (but not all) Pictures is not intuitive and quite annoying.

    The Tantan Flickr Plugin has a AWESOME easy solution
    Heaps of pictures on one page for quicker browsing.
    You can uncheck the box “Close after inserting Photo” and continue inserting other pictures without having to reload the gallery.
    This is brilliant!

    Is it possible to get this feature for the WordPress Media gallery too?

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