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  • Hi folks,

    I’m not sure multisiting is the best option to accomplish this, so I figured I’d ask.

    A site I’m developing is going to need some pages which will have a tabbed section in the content area. I’d rather not have it reload the entire page when clicking a tab – it would be much smoother to just have it change within the content area. But they need to be able to edit the content as well. So what I was thinking was to do a second ‘site’ using a theme with no header/sidebars/footer and using an iframe to insert it.

    But I’m open to other suggestions.

    IF multisiting would do the trick (the subdirectory version would probably be best at present), how do I set that up? The site is currently built on a development server – in When I attempted switching it to multisite last night I had some major path problems and had to revert to my backups. The documentation is kinda vague in many places.

    I appreciate any ideas you may have.

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