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  • Hi, I am also having problems with a newly installed Multisite. I am hosted by Hostmonster and having done all due diligence with installing the network on a new WordPress blog find that when I created a new site in the network, the links either return a 404 error or a Hostmonster place holder.

    With the help of Adam Warner who provided a couple WordPress forum threads, there could be a solution to this problem. Here is the thread, but read below the link before continuing to the thread.

    It seems with Hostmonster, when you create a wildcard subdomain, it automatically adds a wildcard folder like this: public_html/wildcard. The forum members username is skeggsjp. You can read his comments in the thread.

    He stated that he found that by removing the initial wildcard subdomain he created and recreated it again without the wildcard folder attached to public_html as a folder, that eliminated the place holder and the sites were then visible and live.

    Unfortunately, he did not give any information as to how he was able to do that. I contacted Hostmonster about this and basically was told that it always adds the folder when a wildcard domain is created. And they could not give me instructions on how to keep it from automatically adding the folder.

    So, if member skeggsjp happens to see this thread, perhaps you can enlighten us on how to accomplish this. Otherwise, if there is anyone else that has done this, much appreciation for the instructions on what can be done and how. Thanks a bunch

    A J

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  • What settings does Hostgaor give you when you make the wildcard subdomain?

    Can you give us a screenshot?

    Hi Mika,

    It’s Hostmonster that is the problem. I believe Hostgator does not do this and it is easier to set up a WordPress multisite there than at Hostmonster. I guess if all else fails, I could get a Hostgator account for this network alone especially if I decide to make it a large network.

    Honestly, I don’t know how to insert a screen shot in this post. I have one and will try to explain the situation.

    This is what the subdomain looks like in the subdomain manager:

    Subdomains Root Domain Document Root

    * public_html/wildcard

    According to the post on the thread I included above, the wildcard folder needs to be not included when the wildcard subdomain is created. The problem is that Hostmonster, in the absence of a selected or enumerated folder in the box next to public_html in the form used to create the wildcard subdomain, they automatically add the wildcard folder.

    The poster states that he did in fact create a wildcard subdomain without the wildcard folder included and that caused his network to work like it is designed to work. As I said, He did not elaborate on how he did this. I was hoping that someone else that sees this post might know the answer or that he would see it and oblige me and everyone else that is having this problem.

    I hope this helps to clarify. Thanks

    A J

    Erg. Monster/Gator, sorry 😀

    * public_html/wildcard

    Remove the wildcard folder from that. You CAN remove it. Should look like this:

    * public_html/

    Hi Mika,

    I am reading this to mean that you are saying to remove the wildcard folder by deleting it from the public_html files in the cpanel, right?

    I am going to try that and see if it works. It seems too easy, but here goes.

    A J

    Well, that did not work. I removed the wildcard folder from the public_html files and it did not change the URL in the subdomain manager, nor did it allow my site to go live.

    Again, if it can be removed to make it show with the “/wildcard”, how is it done? Thanks

    A J

    No, I’m saying edit the entry for this:

    * public_html/wildcard

    (Remember, I don’t know your host, I can’t see it, so I can only go on what you’ve told me.)

    See the word ‘Wildcard’ at the end? Delete that WORD from wherever you set it. 🙂

    Hi Mika,

    Thanks for your reply and the help.

    Problem is this: there is not a way to remove the word “wildcard from * It only appears in that form in the subdomain manager. It is nowhere in the file manager of public_html or the wrm domain files.

    Hostmonster automatically places this folder in the subdomain URL in the subdomain list. I did not set the word wildcard anywhere. The form to create the wildcard subdomain looks something like this:

    ———enter subdomain name in this box——-select domain———-

    ———public_html/———-enter folder name in this box——-

    If you leave the folder name blank which is what you want, THEY add the folder “wildcard” automatically whether you want it or not.

    Again, thanks for trying to help. Let me know if you come up with something. I have an open ticket with Hostmonster and I told them I would not take no for an answer that this was a Hostmonster issue because their seems to be a lot of Hostmonster suers that are having this problem.

    If I can get this straightened out with them, I will post the results here for everyone.

    A J

    Most modern hosts (heck mists hosts period) let you edit that subdomain folder entry, go ask your host how to, cause that’s downright stupid. You can tell them I said it 😉 That is a perfectly normal thing to want to to, and its not even a WP specific step! Lots of other apps use the same method!

    Hi Mika,

    you know, you are right. Actually the word wildcard does appear in that directory box if you click on the box which I had not done before. So I deleted “Widcard” and created the wildcard subdomain. However, That did not cause the system to work. Here is what I got from Hostmonster:

    “When creating a subdomain of any sort the server must have a directory to work from to serve content for the domain. When the field is left blank the system populates it automatically. If you want the wildcard to go to a different place, fill in the directory box accordingly. If you want it to go to the public_html directory, place a “/” in the box. This will prevent the cPanel from automatically populating the box, and will record the path to public_html properly.”

    So I tried that and this is what happened in the creation process:

    I entered the “*” in the sub-domain name box and selected the domain I wanted and entered the “/” and then this instruction appeared beside the box: “Please use a relative path (no leading slash please)!”. I clicked on create anyway and it would not create the widcard subdomain as it should.

    So, I am back to square one. Hostmonster support tells me I can do such and then the system does not allow it. Go figure! I have replied to Hostmonster waiting for further instructions.

    Use Blockquotes, not EM, please 🙂

    Yeah, okay, HostMonster is screwed up if their own directions don’t work!

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