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  1. David_N
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am currently working on a website for a friend and am having a difficult time getting a multisite installation to work properly. I have setup one multisite in the past, however something just isn't working right this time around.

    I have followed all of the codex instructions properly and a wildcard subdomain is setup in cPanel and the a record does appear to be forwarding to the proper IP from within WHM. I have tried several wordpress installations to no avail.

    While setting up the installation in the first place I am prompted with the following error: "Warning! Wildcard DNS may not be configured correctly!
    The installer attempted to contact a random hostname (54ee7f.mikecrosby.com) on your domain. This resulted in an error message: Couldn't resolve host '54ee7f.mikecrosby.com'
    To use a subdomain configuration, you must have a wildcard entry in your DNS. This usually means adding a * hostname record pointing at your web server in your DNS configuration tool.
    You can still use your site but any subdomain you create may not be accessible. If you know your DNS is correct, ignore this message."

    I believe this is part of the problem, however I don't see any issues with my wildcard setup. I have it setup essentially the same as the previous multisite I configured.

    The url I am having issues with is http://www.mikecrosby.com and I have setup test.mikecrosby.com to show the issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would be more than willing to send a few dollars towards whoever is able to help me with this, it has been driving me crazy for hours now.

  2. sontru
    Posted 3 years ago #

    There is a problem with the wildcard entry as test.mikecrosby.com (or xyz.mikecrosby.com) does not resolve to which mikecrosby.com (and http://www.mikecrosby.com alias) resolves to.

    It doesn't look like the *.mikecrosby.com DNS entry is present.

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