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    I have installed multisite, buddypress, domain mapping, and have everything running good.

    When have 2 sites running on multisite, two separate domains, though I have it set up when a user signs up, they have their profile on both sites, and when they log in, they are logged into both sites and can travel between them.

    Only problem I have now is if you sign up and upload you avatar to site A, it doesn't show you have an avatar on site B, and visa versa.

    You can see it in action at: http://www.iwunt.com and http://www.thumbsmeup.com

    I suspect this is because I am using multisite and buddypress and buddypress, although I have a sultion in place to run on both sites, doesn't support having the avatar in more than one place.

    Does anyone know where to even start in fixing this? I can't seem to find anything on this anywhere...


  2. 1) Make sure you turned on Gravatars for both sites.

    2) On BuddyPress, there's an additional avatar system. Make sure you're not using that.

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