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  1. Blake Pounds
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I I am having problems with my multisite/buddypress installation. I have it where users can register for a blog upon registration, but if someone just registers for a user account I can seem to find where I can create a blog from the user account. There is a ‘sites’ tab in the BuddyPress profile but there is no option to create a blog after you have already created a user account and no blog.

    The question is how can I get a user to register a blog within the user account profile under the ‘sites’ tab?

    Can anyone help me please????

    I have tried "www.example.com/blogs/create" but that does not work.

    I have set up a basic user account without creating a blog on registration how can I create one from the buddypress profile. I have posted in the bp forums, but really no one is helping me on this issue.

    Here is login details @ http://www.lbsblogs.com

    user: johnnyboy
    pass: johnboy

    I want the button to show up @ http://lbsblogs.com/user/johnnyboy/blogs/ ---> as a menu option, but have had no success finding help at all or a solution at that hand.

  2. Blake Pounds
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Okay I have found the issue!

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